Useful List of Places to Trade and Learn About Cryptocurrency

Places for crypto

If you are new to the crypto market or if you are a veteran forged through continuous corrections and bull runs, there are a few sites we should discuss. In this article I want to lead you to the best places for cryptocurrency to obtain all the information you will need. Utilizing these websites properly will help you make better decisions, save time, and eventually could lead you to a nice ROI.

Before we get into it, please remember the crypto market is a dangerous, volatile and unforgiving place. Invest with caution and remember that money is not everything in life! Only invest what you can lose. Nothing should be considered financial advice on the internet either, including this blog.

Additionally, always strive to stay positive and learn from your mistakes when investing. Every trader does and will make mistakes at some point. It is those who keep a level head, evaluate the situation and improve that will come out on top. Stay confident in yourself because of your due diligence, effort, and passion. With that being said, let’s get into my list of best places for cryptocurrency.

Best Places for Cryptocurrency Investors

Top News on Crypto Panic

First on the list is a personal favorite, CryptoPanic or CP for short. CP launched in early 2018 and since then has become a tool that I personally utilize daily. If you are new to the market, it may seem slightly overwhelming at first. Once you are familiar with names, projects, assets and trends, this website will save you countless hours of research daily.

Why does CryptoPanic save you hours of research daily? Simply, CP pulls all of the most top rated sources across the crypto industry into one news feed. This means all of the best articles from over 50 sources are aggregated daily through the top news feed. What is even better, the readers and users on CP get to vote on their favorite articles, news, and announcements. Since CP users have a wide and deep knowledge base in the crypto market, they will quickly weed out the bad articles from the good articles and leave you with a list of the 7 most important articles across the market at that time.

If you were to try and scour 50 sites a day, read potentially hundreds of articles and then score each one on market impact, you would run out of hours in the day. CryptoPanic makes this problem disappear. Moreover, there are polls which anyone can create, discussions on top articles for deeper understanding, and constant improvements to the platform. Easy to say, CP is a must for anyone entering, researching, or speculating on cryptocurrency.

Research on Coin Market Cap

One of the oldest and most well known websites on the market is Coin Market Cap or CMC for short. This site has been around for over 6 years and continues to be the most used and reliable site. simply, go onto the site to check your favorite coin’s price movements, social media posts, and see what coins are trending in the market that day.

Lately, the site has been going through some renovations in late 2018 and throughout 2019. They are adding new features like blogs and top news on the market. The bad part is this news is static and the community does not really have a chance to vote or discuss the news as needed. Additionally, there have been problems in the past with the ranking of exchanges by volume.

In 2018, there were multiple reports of exchanges posting fake volume in order to increase their ranking, bait in traders, and capitalize on the market. Many of the Asian exchanges were found guilty of this and have since been penalized on rankings. In addition, CMC now offers rankings with adjusted volume levels.

Specifically, how do you use this site properly? Quickly compare multiple projects and coins by researching and looking at important factors like:

  • Number of liquidity pairings
  • Number of exchange listings
  • Social activity
  • Transaction and trade volume
  • Circulating supply and total supply
  • Historical highs and lows
  • Similar projects

All of these things can be found on each project page along with additional information. These are basic things to look at and compare before investing in any project. Use CMC as your tool to make smart investments. For these reasons, Coin Market Cap is one of the best places for cryptocurrency investors to research.

Cryptocurrency Videos on YouTube

Like most things in this world, YouTube has a heavily dedicated list of crypto advocates. Each crypto Youtuber will slightly cater to different audiences, but there are some very important things to consider before dedicating your time to learning from one of these presenters.

Before you commit yourself to following a specific channel, think about what it is that you want. If you are a Hodler in the market which means you bought your assets and you are in a long position with no thoughts of short selling, then you may just want entertainment. There are multiple Youtubers that focus on entertaining the masses while giving the news. A popular channel is CryptoDaily.

If you are more concerned about the tech side of the market like blockchain, company specifics, hacks and forks, then you may want to follow Ivan on Tech. Although some people love drama and a good conspiracy, if that is you then you should definitely check out the Crypto Lark.

Regardless of who you watch, make sure the content you are consuming fits your needs. Additionally, they should not be trying to pressure you to buy or sell, shill you projects, or manipulate your mind about your investment. You should watch a video and walk away with a feeling of time well spent. If you are not satisfied with any of the YouTubers listed above, do some research and find one that best fits you!

trade on Binance Exchange

Clearly, if you are going to invest into a volatile and dangerous market you will need a good exchange to trade. Binance is the best exchange on the market by far. Even in the event of security breach, they have an impeccable record of protecting user funds, and reimbursing users funds that are lost, stolen externally or hacked internally.

Investors and traders on Binance can feel a certain sense of security when using a dependable platform. Specifically, the CEO, CZ, is driven to further the industry through all means of cooperation, innovation and resilience.

Furthermore, Binance hosts some of the cheapest trading fees on the entire market. Holders of their native BNB token will save even more when trading on the exchange through a BNB fee payment system built into the exchange. Aside from savings on constant fees, every top crypto has a stable coin pairing which enables you to capture gains consistently and without worry.

Another great feature of this exchange is the accessibility to hundreds of assets all in one place. Moving through 2019 the exchange will also enable margin trading for more gains to be made, continue building on their own blockchain, and push the boundaries of the industry.

Manage Trades on 3 commas

A lesser known website, 3 Commas (3C) is a must have for investors. Why is it a must have? In short, you can take your Binance account from above and use the API through the 3 Commas platform. This enables you to pend conditional orders which is something you can not typically do on the Binance platform.

For instance, on 3C you can not only set your stop limits for assets, but also enable purchases after those stop limits are triggered. Let us think of it like this. You have $10,000 in Bitcoin on Binance. You would create an account on 3C, and link the accounts through the Binance API. Then, you can manage your trading from 3C without having to log onto the Binance account.

Now, assume you suspect Bitcoin to go through a correction, but you do not want to ride the correction. You would rather capture your gains at a certain percentage retracement and then re-enter on the recovery. On 3C, you can do just that. Hypothetically, you could set your stop limit at 3%, and then set a buy back order for when the market stops dipping and increases by 1%. Thus, if the market dipped 10% here would be the result.

  • Initial $10,000 in Bitcoin
  • Market dips 3% and stop limit is triggers through 3C. You sell your Bitcoins at $9,700. Bitcoin continues to dip the full 10% to $9,000.
  • Once the dip reached $9,000, the price of Bitcoin begins to recover.
  • Since you set a buy back order through 3C, now you automatically purchase bitcoin again at the price of $9,090 due to your 1% increase setting.
  • Thus, you actually will gain Bitcoin over the process of this correction in the market over time instead of losing 10% of your portfolio. Essentially you are making a spread.

Here is a Excel chart for another representation of the benefits of using 3 commas properly:

I highly recommend everyone get a 3 commas account the same time you sign up for your Binance account.

Trade on SFOX

SFOX is an amazing tool for traders. Specifically, SFOX provides traders and institutions with over 20 liquidity partners, verifiably secure processes, insurance up to $250 thousand, and first class customer service. This platform is not for the average investor, but if you are a day trader or simply a passionate trader looking to developer your skills, utilize this tool.

The business developer of SFOX participated in a complete interview with me recently. Everything on that interview is in this article. Additionally, there are tons of benefits to using a dealer like SFOX. For instance, instead of moving assets exchange to exchange to capitalize on arbitrage, trading pairs, and different assets, you can do it all on SFOX. Another great feature that makes it stand out above its competitors is the user friendly interface. Make sure to check out this platform if you are considering becoming a trader.

Cryptochill Bitcoin Payment Gateway

The above websites and platforms cater to the average investor with the exception of SFOX. This section aims to please the brokers, exchanges, and merchants. If you need to really transact some Bitcoin and move some serious cash, you may need a Bitcoin Payment Gateway. Specifically, one company in particular makes a point to cater to the client and provide every available solution on the market. That company is CryptoChill or CC for short.

This is a very niche part of the market, but as a merchant you may also want to implement a simple pay with Bitcoin button on your website. You can do this easily with Cryptochill and manage invoices, adjust confirmation acceptance, and review transactions all on the CryptoChill dashboard. Likewise, brokers and exchanges can build and customize their gateway with no gap limits, negotiable fees and constant support.

Although 99% of crypto advocates will not need a Bitcoin Gateway, it is important for the 1% that does to find one that will take care of you. Additionally, CC has security at the forefront of their development process. Exchanges, brokers, and merchants can rest assure that their transactions are safe and easily accessible at all times.

List of Best websites For Crypto

This is a short, but impactful list. If you are trading, entering, speculating, running a company, managing transactions, writing blogs, researching, living on the moon, or saving for retirement. These sites will help you navigate the waters of crypto. Make sure to utilize them properly to fully optimize your chances for success in this market.