Is Bitcoin Massive Price Growth Possible?

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Bitcoin Growth

Bitcoin has had a stellar increase in popularity a over the past few years, and everyone thought it would
take over the world at one point. Once the hype was not big enough to continue pumping the BTC price, it
started going down to reasonable levels. Although the price is not low at the moment, many crypto enthusiasts
wonder whether it is possible for Bitcoin massive price growth to repeat itself to reach new heights.

Theoretically, it’s very much possible for this cryptocurrency to grow once again, but there are
several aspects that can help with that. Let’s take a look at what makes BTC grow and how it works.

The digital infrastructure

Are you old enough to remember the time before the Internet? Yeah, it seems like a very distant
past, and it’s practically impossible for us to return to that. The Internet paved the way for many
important things, and one of them turned out to be blockchain. Using decentralized technologies
for creating BTC wouldn’t be possible in the first place if it weren’t for the glorious piece of
technology we call the Internet.

In order to increase and sustain further growth of Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies, we need to
upgrade the digital infrastructure. The decentralized Internet seems like a logical step forward
towards that, and that could further improve the way we perceive and use BTC.

Bitcoin’s supply is not infinite

As you probably already know, Bitcoin has a limited supply. Therefore, once all
BTCs are issued, there will be no possible way to “print” new ones. This is something the banks do
with paper money all the time. Central financial organizations of every country prints paper
money when the inflation kicks in. The more paper units they print, the lower the overall value of
money is. That would be possible with Bitcoin as well if its reserves weren’t finite.

Therefore, once all BTCs are in use and the demand increases, its price would continue to
grow. Whether people would still be interested in buying and selling BTC when that time comes
is very dependent on the hype created around the coin. This leads us to the very next section of
the article — the hype.

It’s Easy to Create Hype in the Digital Era

Words travel fast when you’re on the web. In fact, that’s one of the main reasons why such a
huge hype was created for Bitcoin the first time its price peaked. People were constantly talking about it, searching various terms related to it, and seeking investment opportunities. Most
importantly, they all agreed that Bitcoin has value, and that was the starting point.

Bitcoin, as well as many other altcoins, sometimes experience minor hypes that affect their
prices. However, no cryptocurrency managed to experience that big of hype, such as the one
that happened in December 2017.

What Creates Hype

So, what needs to happen in order to create hype as big as that? Essentially, we need some
kind of breakthrough in the crypto sphere that would make people interested in it once again.
Although the crypto community is still big, not all of its members are active.
Investors are not educated enough.

Apart from allowing us to have Bitcoin, modern technology also made many complicated
procedures much easier. Various apps and tools facilitate payments, banking, shopping, and
virtually every other aspect of our lives.

This is genuinely considered to be a good thing, but sometimes, people can easily perform
complicated actions without having prior knowledge about the consequences. In other words —
welcome to the world of crypto investing.

One of the reasons why the price of Bitcoin exploded back in the day is because people were
able to invest money in it in just a couple of clicks. The majority of investors didn’t know a single
thing about investing and how it works.

FOMO Drives Investors

They are often the subject of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), meaning they mainly invested in
order not to miss out on the possibility of earning even more money. Newbie investors simply
see others investing and do the same without doing too much thinking.

But, there’s no room to follow the gut when it comes to investment. Experienced investors know
that their field of work is basically a game of chance, but they try to minimize the impact of the
element of luck by researching as much as possible. They know that following their gut is not
the best option, meaning they wouldn’t jump the boat when it comes to investing when everyone
else does.

The bottom line is that everyone can invest in BTC nowadays, but not everyone has experience
in this line of work, meaning they could create a new wave of massive investment into
cryptocurrencies and make BTC’s price grow once again. Of course, something must start the
investment avalanche, but it needs to be big enough to attract a large number of investors.

Conclusion — Is There Hope For Massive Growth?

It’s quite difficult to predict the future of cryptocurrencies at this moment, and all we have is just
mere speculations. Numbers, charts, figures — all of this can help us make loose predictions
about what would go in the future. However, this is more certain in markets that have been
around for some time.

Yet, when it comes to the crypto market, everything is still quite novel, and many professionals
cannot make finite conclusions about the way the future of BTC and other cryptocurrencies
will unfold. There’s still a long road to travel, meaning we still need to learn about them, as
well as their underlying technologies to be able to make more accurate predictions.

Therefore, BTC, as the leader of the crypto sphere, can go in any direction from here. The best
scenario would involve another massive growth that would surpass the previous one, with prices
reaching new heights. The worst-case scenario is that people would lose interest in the crypto
world, and prices of coins would drop to a minimum.