By the End of the 2020’s, Cardano Will Hopefully be the Most Dominate Crypto in the Space – Charles Hoskinson AMA 2020

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Charles Hoskinson Predictions

In a recent AMA by Charles Hoskinson, the leader of Input Output Hong Kong had some lofty predictions to make about the next decade we are entering into. Including, discussing some of the top tech advancements he hopes to see, Charles made a bold statement, “By the end of the 2020’s, Cardano will hopefully be the most dominate crypto in the space.”

Nothing should be considered investment or financial advice. Enjoy the ride.

The Next Decade

Lofty as this goal is, Cardano and the three pillars, have set themselves up for long-term success. As Charles said previously, the Cardano platform was built for over 1 billion people, so lets go find that billion.

While in the past Charles was taking more of a passive approach to the market, this decade the gears are going to switch. From now on, any project IOHK, the Foundation, or Emurgo works on, will purposely be to support and bolster the Cardano eco-system. Charles has historically taken a holistic approach to the market trying to support the entire crypto industry, but the gloves are coming off.

Cardano’s Decade

The purpose of this dramatic shift in his focus is because the platform is coming to fruition. With the huge mainnet upgrades of Shelly and Goguen right around the corner, the time to start marketing the project heavily is now. Therefore, any new project IOHK takes on from here on out will be purposely driven towards the goal of implementing features and additions to support the eco-system of Cardano.

Since the first initial whiteboard opening of the project demonstrated back in 2017 by Charles himself, a majority of the market has been patiently waiting on the team to deliver. With most investors already capitulating on the drawn out project due to its near ICO market prices, the chance for huge gains is evident.

Charles Hoskinson Predictions

While there was a lot to the hour long AMA video, Charles Hoskinson predictions for the next decade are one of the main attractions to listen in on.

Here are some of the things Charles is looking forward to in the coming decade that could happen:

  • The extended life of batteries and development of higher density levels. 600 miles on single charge
  • Quantum computers will become commercialized
  • Quantum teleportation will start to become experimented on more frequently (recent discovery)
  • The first African country will probably advance enough to join the League of Nations in the next decade
  • Renewable resources and energy will expand
  • First brain based computer devices could be implanted into people
  • Private space travel could take off
  • VR and AR will become mainstream and more common place
  • The entire world will adopt 5G and wifi 6 will become a new luxury
  • Electric vehicles will become necessary
  • Data will start to be treated like the commodity it is
  • Self driving cars will reach a break through
  • Potential economic collapse, opening for crypto to start capitalizing on the global economy
  • New innovations on medicine and people movement
  • Self sovereign identities
  • Traditional organized media will start to fail, with incentives starting to change the structures of journalism

Crazy Ten Years Ahead

In short, the world is poised to have a booming decade ahead of us. The world is progressing at rates never seen before in human history, and it will probably continue like that with some of the advancements we are making daily.

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