Cardano Brand Refresh in 2020 – Charles Hoskinson AMA – *EDITED

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Cardano rebranding

Recently Charles Hoskinson hosted an AMA on youtube and went partially through the 2020 road map for Cardano. Let’s take a moment to discuss.

Nothing should be considered investment or financial advice. Enjoy the ride.

Cardano 2020 Roadmap

Charles Hoskinson recently hosted an AMA on Youtube and other platforms taking the time to answer questions about Cardano and the upcoming 2020 calendar year.

Most notably from the discussion, Charles kicked things off by running through the current situation for Cardano. Progress on the development and the upcoming Shelly update are all in order he remakes. In addition, Charles seems to believe it is about time to tell the world since things are coming together.

Cardano Brand Refresh

For those reasons, the IOHK team is working with several marketing teams to currently to get ready for the big push in 2020. Specifically, Cardano is to be pushed to the main market in order to gather the users it has been built for. From Charles words, the platform was built for 1 billion people, so the Cardano teams are going to go find those billion people.

In this *brand refresh, Cardano is to be represent a more modern feel and reflect the updates that have been made. In the AMA there was also a strong mention of the team not being satisfied to have a lower market cap then several other top currencies. This means the marketing is not only for users, but for the token economics as well so investors will be happy.

Coupling the big boost in exposure and the continual development, the staking protocols should push the macro economics of the token in a bullish way over 2020. This could be a huge year for ADA, but only time will tell.

Cardano Brand Refresh

Thanks to clarity from the Cardano foundation, the Cardano brand will only be refreshed, not rebranded. Not sure of the entirety of this difference, but apparently there is a big difference. Possibly, this means the Cardano brand will just be marketed heavier instead of restructured.

Sorry for the misdirection if you got hyped off a rebranding vs refreshing. This is only a blog not the news of the world, and I do this in my free time trying to promote projects in the space. Thanks for understanding.

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