Cardano, Ripple and IOTA Best Investments for End of 2019 [Full Perspective]

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The market has been twisting and turning for some time. Three assets specifically have not been surging as well as some of the other top assets in the market. Cardano, Ripple, and IOTA are those three assets. Each of these projects are unique and innovative in their respective ways, and I believe the lack of price movement means their accumulation periods are not over yet.

Each of these assets has a large and devoted community that are very committed to their assets.

Cardano specifically, has the three pillars of the main business model and the community that clearly loves and supports the project along with its leader Charles Hoskinson.

Ripple has been a long stable hold in the market with more partnerships than any other project on the market. Additionally, the XRP army paves the way for all doors to open and all haters to run.

Finally, IOTA was the largest gaining asset in 2017 and has huge partnerships and government connections. IOTA is also the top DAG based crypto in the entire market, which gives it a slight advantage to the other top assets.

Nothing in this article is meant to be taken as investment advice or financial advise. Enjoy the ride.

Upcoming Developments

There are huge releases, developments, and products coming out in the following months for these projects. There could be some massive price swings and FOMO if these items are completed and checked off of the list.

Shelly and Smart Contracts

Cardano has its Shelly test net update for single nodes coming up within days. Additionally, Charles has told us it will get rolled out and updated to completion quickly. The community is ready for this update and the following events of smart contract development on the Plutus function based programming language.

Coordicide of the Coordinator

IOTA’s main critique has constantly been the centralized consensus algorithm called the Coordinator. Recently, IOTA has been heavily investing in killing this problem since their network is finally strong enough. Once this passes, there will be no more excuses for those hating on IOTA and the market will start to take the project seriously again. Coordicide, as it is called, is projects to take place in 2019 which should be just in time for a nice December price pop.

xRapid, xVia, and xCurrent

Ripple’s three main products are continually pushing for more partnerships, markets, and developments. Most recently, Ripple signed on 14 more banks globally to their international monetary system. These products are all fully functional and banks are testing every one of them to utilize the Ripple network slowly but surely.

Fundamental Leaders

A very important note about each of these projects is that there is sound leaderships behind each one. Whereas Tron has Justin Sun shilling every second and pumping announcements of announcements into the market, BCH has Roger Ver tricking investors, BSV is well a joke lead by Fake Satoshi, and Stellar’s Jeb McCaleb is a con all the way back to Mt. Gox.

Ripple has sound leadership now that Jeb was kicked out many years ago and is lead today by Brad Garlinghouse. Brad is well respected in multiple industries and clearly has the connections to take Ripple to the next level.

Cardano is lead by the famous Charles Hoskinson. The only bad thing people have ever said about Charles is his choice of boots for shoes. Give the man a break ok? He’s the cowboy of the crypto revolution.

IOTA is lead by David Sønstebø. David is a brilliant man and sticks to his guns. He is also not the most boisterous. He tends to keep to himself and does not get brought up in the news much except for accomplishments and partnerships. The man is hard at work, and that’s who I want my money to be behind.


Another reason these projects are ahead of the curve is their marketing approach.

Ripple is targeting the banks of the world and setting up a global network of payments. Ripple has connections on every continent and partnerships to match with them. Ripple’s marketing team is very strategic in their approach and are aggressive in targeting the largest banks around the world.

Cardano’s leader Charles Hoskinson, is leading the way by going to over 52 countries in the past 4 years. Charles has built relationships with kings, princes, government officials, congress men, and world leaders. There is a clear tactic to this approach, and we will see over time if working with the government will supply more utility then completely creating your own market and use cases.

IOTA is king of the internet of things. The leaders and founders have been invited to multiple EU events including the G20 previously to give a speech. Being invited to the most important meetings in the world to speak, is not to be over looked. IOTA additionally has great partnerships with multiple car companies aiming to provide a blockchain system to the future of autonomous driving.

End of Year Price Projections

Besides fundamentals, what can we expect price wise?

For Ripple, we can expect a strong push back to the $0.70 to $1 range. With Bitcoin finally being back over $9,000 we can start to look for the alts to make their move. Ripple has a huge community and high volume, but a little spark could easily send this coin soaring.

Cardano has been struggling to break the $0.10 range. From the constant accumulation period, I would not be surprised if Cardano grew quickly to the $0.20 – $0.30 range. This is a large growth from the current $0.09, but it is due time for this asset to have a pop.

IOTA is a hard asset to predict. With a lower volume, this asset could easily spike to great heights similar to the 2017 market. Currently IOTA is battling the $0.50 psychological level. Once broken, this asset could easily surge to a $0.75 to $0.90 price level with the hype surrounding the coordicide event.

Full disclosure, the author does own Cardano and IOTA. Ripple is also a great asset in general.

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    BigFlo says:

    I think this is a great point made. These projects were once seen as the black sheep of the crypto market, but now are beginning to show their true potential. Better jump on the train before these take off to ridiculous highs. This whole segment is still in its infancy, meaning still early to enter this space for great returns.

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