Welcome back to the Tribe!

Today we will be discussing one of the most recent changes to virtual racing – Zed Run Horse Stamina.

There is plenty of debate already across the community on what it is, why it is important, and mainly how to manage it. Therefore, we are going to dive in today to answer some of those questions, and hopefully help you guys win more races!

Nothing should be considered investment or financial advice. Enjoy the ride!

Zed Run Horse Stamina

The newest addition to the horse racing algorithm is stamina. The funny thing about these additions to the platform is that the developers don’t exactly fully explain what these changes do.

In fact, they gave the community very little information at all about the impact of stamina on a horse. They more consider this as a discovery phase for players, which is kind of cool in ways. At the same time, it can be very frustrating.

With the limited data we have so far, lets take a look at what stamina is.

What Is Horse Stamina

Horse Stamina

Zed Run horse stamina is a metric to let the stable owner know how tired a horse is. In other words, how much energy a horse has left in the tank.

If you look above at the image we provided above, you can see a little curved bar going around each horse. This is their stamina bar! Right now, it is quite hard to view stamina except when trying to enter races.

Many of the data platforms like Know Your Horse are currently trying to build out plugins and features to make these metrics more accessible for the community.

Stamina in general is a simple concept, but leaves plenty of questions unanswered like:

  • At what percentage of stamina does a horse no longer compete at full capacity?
  • What are the effects on a horse’s stats from continually racing with low stamina?
  • How long does it take to fully replenish a horse’s stamina?

Well, we are going to try and answer those below. lets dig in deeper to why stamina is so important.

Why Is It important

Stamina is important because it can drastically effect a horse’s ability to perform in races.

This is clearly an issue since it is imperative for horses to perform at their best in races to maintain their stats, win money, and continue to show.

If a horse is unable to perform, then slowly their stats start to fall. This can impact several things like:

  • An assets overall value
  • How much a horse can charge for stud fees – male horse
  • How much a U/U/U offspring can be sold for – female horse
  • And obviously the amount of races you can win

As we can see, stamina can effect everything about a horse if not cared for properly or fully understood.

So, lets dive into some tips we have learned to help managing your horse’s stamina.

How To Manage Stamina

While the stamina feature is new, you have to imagine that people all over the community are trying their best to figure it out.

Here are some general rules that pertain to stamina that should help you manage it:

  • Only race up to three times per day

This is a general rule for horses. If you race them over three times per day then you will start to see them perform poorly on the 4th-6th races. Now, some people have begun to use this to their advantage to class down during these races. But, if you use more of your horse’s stamina in the day before, it will not be fully replenished by the next day for those 3 prime races you want to get in.

As you can see, there are trade offs. If you plan to race your horse every day, then you might want to find a suitable middle ground for down classing vs performing.

  • Winning races might take more stamina

Something that we have personally noticed with our horses is: the faster they run in a race, the more stamina that is taken up.

On several occasions our horses have only raced twice in a day, but performed really well in both races. After trying to sign them up for that third leg, we realize that their stamina bar was lower than usual!

This could just be a coincidence, but it is definitely something to be aware of.

  • Longer distances might take more stamina

The next thing to really consider is the distance that your horse races in.

We have one horse “Minty Fresh” that excels at 2400m races. So much so, that it is all we race her in.

Ironically, we have also noticed that she seems to tire out more frequently than other horses (she is a Z3 by the way). This COULD be tied to her performances, but even when she underperforms it seems to still drain more of her stamina.

  • Some horses might have more stamina

While this is not confirmed by the Zed team (to our knowledge), it definitely feels true.

Some horses seem to be able to run significantly more races per day without losing much stamina. To our knowledge and from a conversation with Danshan, it does seem that the lower Z score a horse has, the high stamina pool that horse COULD potentially have as well.

For instance, a Z1 should be able to run more races per day than a Z5.

General Questions

From this, lets try to answer some of the questions from above.

At what percentage of stamina does a horse no longer compete at full capacity?

It is generally believed that under 90% stamina a horse will start to show diminishing returns. Simply put, it slows down below 90% and needs a carrot break. 

What are the effects on a horse’s stats from continually racing with low stamina?

This one is not as quite intuitive.

No one really knows at this point, but clearly it will not be good. There will need to be a way to determine a horses potential at full stamina VS certain percentages of stamina. This could greatly effect a horse’s value on the market as well because owners could race anywhere from 1 to 5 times a day at different strengths ideally.

For example, would you rather purchase a horse that only places 1, 2 or 3 every race at full stamina and then falls off after that. Or purchase a horse that is more consistent for lower percentages of stamina allowing you to race more per day? These kind of questions will have to be answered by the market and data down the line.

How long does it take to fully replenish a horse’s stamina?

This is also a toss up. If a horse if going unraced, it should not take more than 24 hours to replenish a horse’s stamina. Although this can vary at how low the stamina is from its previous races.

Horse Stamina

Thanks for reading our post on Zed Run horse stamina! We hope you benefit from better stamina management and get more wins!

If you like this post, check out our Zed Run blog posts!

We’ll see you on the track!


Welcome back to the Tribe!

In this post we are going to discuss Zed Run horse speed! If you are new, you might want to fully read this post as it will drastically help you from purchasing a slow horse and investing too much time in a horse that will not return the favor!

We are going to be going over:

  • What is Zed Run horse speed
  • Why is horse speed important
  • Places to get horse statistics
  • Why you should be using flame
  • How this effects breeding

Nothing should be considered investment or financial advice. Enjoy the ride!

Zed Run Horse Speed

In the virtual world of horse racing, several things can give a horse its value.

Sometimes it is bloodline like Nakamoto or Szabo. Sometimes it is their type of Genesis or Legendary.

It can even be coat color like some of the super rare coats that usually bring in a premium.

Although, something that will always bring more value to a horse is it’s speed and race history. While race history is important, experienced stable owners will look past the typical standard statistics they see, and go straight for the horse’s speed.

What is Horse Speed

Zed Run Speed

Horse speed is the rate at which the horses can run races.

For instance, a standard time for the 2000M race is around 120 seconds. While that might win some races, overall it is an average time for the population of horses on the platform.

Horse speed allows users to know more than just wins and losses. It allows them to dig into the potential of a horse.

Why Is Horse Speed Important

As we just mentioned, horse speed is what gives a horse it’s depth.

The horses on the platform are more than wins and losses, flame and odds. They have underlying stats that will let you know their REAL potential. While most horses have not been raced more than 50 times, a horse really won’t show its full potential until its raced around 1000 times.

After about 1000 races, you will start to get a complete picture of the distribution of the horse. Horses with 50 races or even 100, are just a snap shot of what they fully will become.

Find Horse Statistics

Therefore, it is extremely important to know where to get statistics on horses.

Not every horse you buy will have 1000 races, but the more information you can gather on a horse, the better educated decision you can make on where to race them, and how much they are worth after all!

The three main sources we are going to use to retrieve horse speed data are:

  • Know Your Horse (KYH)
  • Zedrun Tools
  • Hawku

Lets dive into the first tool, KYH and we’ll talk about a useful tool that we like: The density chart per distance!

Side note*

We will be looking at one of our very own horses in the Sanfrancisco Tribe StableJocka’s Truce!

Know Your Horse Speed

Almost every Zed head knows about Know Your Horse!

There are A LOT of great tools and metrics on this site that you can use. One in particular that we like is the Density chart. You can find these charts by searching for a horse and clicking on “speed analysis” on the left hand side of the screen. Or it might be hidden somewhere in the menu if you are on mobile.

Anyways, the charts allow you to see your horse’s performance compared to the population standard curve.

Similar to a Z-curve, these charts are great in fully getting a grasp on the range your horse has.

For instance, our horse Jocka’s Truce performs extremely well at 2000M as we can see because his average race times are a full standard deviation above the rest of the population!

Know Your Horse Speed

Know Your Horse Speed

Use this tool on your own horses to figure out how the compare to the population, or use it to check out if a horse is worth purchasing! Either way, a great tool to add to your arsenal.

Zedrun Tools Charts

The next tool we are going to use is from a platform called Zedrun Tools!

While Zedrun Tools has many many awesome features, the one we use the most is similar to the last one. To get to this chart below, search a horse and click on “rank analysis” on the left side of your screen. Or in the menu for mobile users.

This tool compares your horse’s performance to the rest of the population in terms of straight percentages. If you hate curves like in the last tool, then this one might be more straight forward for you.

The main difference is that this tool does not fully capture your horses range or tell you the number of races per distance, but it is still a great metric to review!

Below is Jocka’s Truce’s chart. As we can see again, he excels at 2000m and the 1600m standing at the top 85% and 84% of the population respectfully.


Zedrun Tool Horse Speed

Zedrun Tool Horse Speed

Make sure to look up your horses on Zedrun Tools and learn about all the other cool charts and data you can observe on the platform.

Hawku Statistics

The last platform we are going to discuss is Hawku!

Hawku really is more of a general overview for us. Sadly, we have not had the time to fully dig into the platform, but it has been quite successful at measuring a horse’s overall speed for us.

As you can see below, Jocka’s Truce’s speed in total is in the top 95.6%! Clearly this horse has wheels for legs because he is rolling all over that track.

To get to this chart type in your horse’s name and click on “speed data” right below their picture.

Hawku Horse Speed

What is Zed Run Flame

The last thing to consider when it comes to measuring a horse’s speed is the newest addition to the platform, flame.

Flame is an indicator that Zed Run uses to let users know which horses in each race have the most potential!

Zed Run Flame or Heat

Zed Run Flame or Heat from KYH

This is probably one of the neatest features on the platform. Very early on, you can start to tell which distances your horse is strongest at, even if they are not winning races. This is an awesome tool to help those new to the platform or those not great with data.

From just paying attention to the distances your horse gets flame at and the general level of competition in the race, you can easily find the sweet spot for your horse to excel at!

One thing to consider is that flame, like odds, is relative to the competition per race. For instance, if your horse gets put in a race with plenty of weak horses then it might get flame at a certain distance. Where as in a race with stronger horses, your horse might not get flame at the same distance. Pay attention to this!

Although, what about offspring? Does any of what we talked about matter for a horse’s offspring?

How Speed Effects Breeding

At the end of the day, horses are money machines when it comes to breeding.

Generally, a fast horse will rake in a much larger stud fee compared to slower horses in hopes that the offspring will inherit some of that speed!

While we don’t know for sure how this works, there is a decent correlation to speed being inherited for the most part. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Horse preferences like distance are not an inheritable trait
  • Z value has a part in letting a horse carry on its traits to the offspring
  • Bloodline is mostly just is an indicator to the ultimate potential a horse can reach if you get lucky (like a more expensive lottery ticket with bigger prizes)
  • Offspring get most of their traits from the male (around 65%) and less from the female (around 35%)

With that information, be careful with what and who you breed with!

Zed Run Horse Speed Post

Thanks for reading this post on Zed Run horse speed! Hopefully, this post will educate readers enough to makes smarter purchases, race better on the track, and ultimately enjoy Zed Run more!

If you enjoyed this post…. maybe check out our Zed Run blog!

We’ll see you on the track!




Welcome back to the Tribe!

In this post we will be covering racing in Zed Run! Most specifically, we will be going over some of the basic tips you’ll need to know before you head out on the track.

We will be covering things like:

  • Racing Basics
  • Researching your horse
  • Finding the sweet spot
  • Studying the competition
  • Patience Pays off

Nothing should be considered investment or financial advice. Enjoy the ride!

Learn How To Race

From learning about the different horses to understanding charts and graphs, starting Zed Run can be quite the bite for some people to chew. Therefore, we want to help some of the new comers digest their “food” with these education posts.

In this one we will be digging into – learn how to race. Lets kick things off with racing basics.

Zed Run Racing Basics

Zed Run is not complicated to understand, but at first the mission can seem daunting. There are different classes, a range of distances, too many stats, and so much more that all factor into whether or not your horse will preform well!

Not to mention all the other things like stamina, user error, and the occasional unlucky day that can make anyone want to pull their hair out.

Lets take it step by step with the racing basics and start off with the simplest part – classes and distances.

What Are Zed Run Classes

Assuming you have already purchased your horse and moved it onto the Zed Run platform, you might be looking to enter your first race!

First thing to consider before picking a race is your horse’s class. The races on Zed Run are split into 5 main classes, free races, and one special class called a Griffin:

  1. Class I – hardest class
  2. Class II
  3. Class III
  4. Class IV
  5. Class V – easiest class
  6. Free races – can be split out by class, but typically less competition
  7. Griffin – first free race for horses that have never raced before!

The classes are quite self explanatory. Class I is the highest and class V is the lowest. The class system’s main purpose is to keep strong horses from racing with weaker horses.

For instance, a class I horse can not race in class III races. This is because that would be unfair to the other horses in the race and heavily skew the race. Although, ironically a class III horse CAN race in a class I race. Although, we don’t recommend it.

Once you figure your horse’s class (the number and letter beside their name), you need to decide what distance to race at.

Race Distances

Probably the MOST important thing to consider when racing your horse is the distance.

Why you ask?

Because every horse has a preferred distance that they like to race! Most horses will excel at one, two, or even three distances, but be miserable at every other one.

A great indicator of what distance your horse excels at correlates with the new flame feature on the game. Flames are suppose to indicate the strongest three horses per race in that specific distance.

If you horse is getting flame in a specific distance, it is probably a good idea to keep racing there.

Most successful horses will actually only race one or two distances over and over capitalizing on their strengths!

That does it for the racing basics – lets discuss researching your horse!

Researching Your Horse

Know Your Horse Example

Know Your Horse Example

While you might think, why not just race him?

Well, because that can cost a lot of money. You need around 30-40 races at least to get an understanding of a horse. The more races, the better you will understand how the horse preforms.

The best tools in the game currently to view race history, stats, and population norms for comparison are:

On each of these platforms you can research any horse on the market! Each platform will give you different data, charts, graphs, references, and overall speed scores. It is your job to slowly figure out which one you like the most and start relying on!

I highly recommend bookmarking these tools. Look up your horses race history, find its strengths, and test them yourself!

Find The Sweet Spot

We mentioned this earlier about distances. You need to find your horse’s sweet spot.

Most of the time that is the distance at which your horse gets flame, but sometimes it can be the distance that they can actually win the most.

Some horses perform very consistently getting first to second all the way to sixth or seventh without ever getting last. Which is great! Although, your horse will continually climb classes this way until they are either out classed, or able to battle at the top levels.

Some horses are just horrible and never win. Those are called donkeys. We don’t want these horses!

Lets explore two other types of horses.

U-Shaped Horse

Some horses end up being good at getting first or last almost every time. These horses are commonly called U-shaped horses.

They have a very special property. U-shaped horses either win, or lose every race which means that they will usually keep their class and not promote as often. This actually enables them to earn a higher profit margin over time and maintain a healthy level of competition at the lower classes.

A-Shaped Horse

Another kind of horse is called an A-shaped horse. These horses are strong horses, but never can quite pinch off a win or finish in last. These horses will commonly have a negative ROI over time since you only get paid out in first, second or third position.

In addition, you only demote when you get 11th or 12th, so these horses actually struggle long-term, but could still be good for breeding.

It is very important to figure out what kind of horse you have and find your horses sweet spot for success!

Study The Competition

Zed Run Racing Strategy

Another huge part of winning races is knowing who you are racing against. Therefore, before entering any race you will want to study the competition.

What this means is take the time to see who is already registered in a race before joining! Know Your Horse has a great section on races that will help you see the rate of fire for all the horses in a current race.

The main idea is to avoid tough competition. Why would you want to race against a horse you know is stronger than yours?

Long story short, don’t just gamble your money away. Study your competition and maximize your chances for winning races!

Be Patient

While the other things above are more important in game, this is the most important advice out of game – be patient.

So many people get impatient waiting for the perfect race to pop up so they just join race!

But, there is no point in racing if you have not done the steps above and picked the right race. Once you are confident your horse has a huge chance of wining, it is time to enter. Anything else is just gambling.

Be patient by:

  • Not racing more than three times per day
  • Waiting to find a race in your horse’s best distance
  • Studying the competition beforehand
  • Take the time to learn your horse
  • And by not being impulsive on this platform.

The slow and steady will come out ahead over time and benefit from it financially!

Learn How To Race Tips

Those are our tips for people that want to learn how to race on Zed Run! We hope this post will help you increase your win rates, get more profit, and overall just help you to enjoy the platform more over time!

We’ll see you on the track!



Welcome back to the Tribe!

In this post we are going to be discussing how to increase Zed Run horse value! If you have not been following our series, then start here to learn everything you need to get caught up!

So far in the series we have gone over:

We are making our rounds in the Zed Run educational track so to speak. So clearly talking about how to increase the value of your horses will be next!

Here are our tops ways to Increase horse value:

  • Free races
  • Studying your horse
  • Down classing
  • Not racing at all

Lets dive into how to increase Zed Run horse value!

Increase Zed Run Horse Value

increase zed run horse value

increase zed run horse value

If you think about NFT horses as a business, then you probably would agree that you want your assets to appreciate and not lose value.

Due to that, there are many things you should consider before taking your expensive asset out on the track! Think about it. The value of your asset depends largely on a few things:

  • Blood type
  • Race history
  • Breed-ability

While you can’t really control your horses bloodtype or the ability for it to breed/stud, you can control (for the most part), its race history! Race history has a decent impact on prices of horses, especially if the horse is generating a good amount of profit racing!

Therefore, we are going to go over the ways to increase Zed Run horse value by doing a few specific things with your horse!

Free Races

The first thing you are going to want to do is tons of free races!

there are a few reasons why you are going to want to do free races:

  • Free races usually have weaker horses in them which leads to your horse getting more profit (increasing ROI) and more flames! (higher flame percentage)
  • Free races will help you find out your horses strongest distances without losing money on paid races
  • The last thing free races do are provide you with income to support your other endeavors on the platform

Free races boost your horse’s stats and inexperienced buyers will not filter these out making your horse much more desirable on the market!

Studying Your Horse

The next thing you can do to increase your horse’s value is by studying it!

This might seem silly, but learning your horse inside and out will allow you to make it perform better! As you learn more about your horse, you will be able to do a few things:

  • Maximize its potential
  • Get more flames by racing it in favorable races
  • Increase its ROI and profit margin from winning more races
  • And obviously learn its true value (this will help you negotiate when selling)

Studying your horse is the best thing you can do as an owner for your stable’s win rate and for your assets value!

Down Classing

The next common tool that people use to increase their horse’s value is down classing.

While this might seem counter intuitive, it is very smart. If your horse gets too high in the classes, then you might need to purposely lose some races to get it back into a class where it can win.

You see, buyers want to see wins! They want to see those first, second and third place percentages high with high flames and ROI. By purposely losing some races and getting 11th or 12th place, your horse will naturally down class to easier races.

Once your horse is in a class where you are SURE it can win lots of races, it is time to turn the tables. This is very similar to the traditional U-shape racing strategy used in the game!

Not Racing Ever

The last thing that people might not think about to increase horse value is simply not racing!

If you own a genesis horse that does not have a lot of races or any at all, then it might actually be best to just not race it. Especially if you are not experienced in racing.

For instance, an unraced Szabo could go for 3 to 6 Eth where a confirmed donkey could only sell for 2 Eth. While this might not seem very “fun”, if you want to retain your asset’s value it might be the best course of action long-term!

Zed Run Horse Value

Thanks for reading our post on Zed Run horse value! We hope this post helps people figure out the best plan for their selves! Only you know what you are capable of, but always make sure that there is a plan behind your capabilities!

We’ll see you on the track!


Welcome back to the Tribe!

Today we are going over Zed Run beginner tips for those new to the platform. If you have been around for awhile, this might not be the article for you, but there are plenty of people entering the eco-system right now that will appreciate these tips.

Now, these tips are going to be general and mostly pertain to the first couple of things a new user should do or should not do. If you are looking for platform specifics or a general overview of Zed Run check out this article.

This post will cover a noobs first couple of days with Zed.

Zed Run Beginner Tips

Here is what we will be reviewing in the  Zed Run Beginner Tips post:

  • Don’t buy just any horse
  • Never buy the sell price
  • Don’t be a stranger
  • Get a decent budget

Nothing should be considered investment or financial advice. Enjoy the ride.

Don’t Buy Just Any Horse

Zed Run Beginner

This might sound silly, but many new users get so excited that they just buy anything when they join. Please please please do not do this.

While it might seem so exhilarating to begin anew on your virtual journey, it is imperative that you take your time. Opensea will have plenty of lush deals just waiting for you to scoop up, but along with those beautiful opportunities comes hundreds of horrible donkeys disguised as mustangs. (donkey means slow horse)

Instead of going to Opensea to buy what you find, have a game plan.

Decide beforehand how much you want to spend and research what kind of horse best suits your game place for the platform. Then dig until you find what you want.

If you are patient enough, more than likely you will succeed. Don’t accept the market, make the market work for you. Do your research, see where you realistically land in the market and wait.

Patience is key in this race.

Never Buy Listed Price

This ties straight into our second tip – never buy listed prices!

At the time of writing this article, we have purchased 10 horse on Opensea. 7 out of 10 of those purchases we took the time to reach out to the sellers. Every single time, the seller was willing to negotiate on the prices.

At the end of building our stable, we will probably save thousands of dollars in simply taking the time to find the seller and offer a lower or competitive price.

The beauty of NFTs right now (especially Zed Run horses) is that there is no set price with these things. It is all speculative and variable. This is basically the wild west of money, and if you are smart you can take advantage of that.

Reach out to the sellers over discord, Twitter, or even ask around. Chances are, you’ll find them and they will be willing to negotiate.

Works about 70% of the time for us.

Don’t Be A Stranger

This next tip directly correlates with the one above – don’t be a stranger.

The more vocal and active you are in the market, the more people will notice you.

In addition, the more people you meet, the more people that will trust you and start to engage with you. Over time, you might just build your own community of buying and selling horses direct.

It is very common for stables to partner up and breed together monthly as well.

Not to mention that knowing people gets you deals and offers that you normally would not even know about. We are talking about those independent owners that like to sell direct or off market. Sometimes, these can be the best deals.

Most notably, a recent influencer in the space put his entire stable up for sell instead of posting it on Opensea. You wouldn’t know about the sell unless you talked to this influencer directly over discord or followed his social accounts.

We hope you decide to not be a stranger in this market, so go ahead and follow these accounts and join the official Discord. Here are the links you’ll need:

Zed Run Discord

Zed Run Twitter

Zed Gazette Twitter

Zed Guru Twitter

DanShan Twitter

Zook Twitter

San Francisco Twitter

Decent Budget

The last tip I give to new users is to bring a decent budget.

While you can get into the market with a few hundred dollars, you will struggle.

It is do-able, but you will not thrive or really enjoy it much. Of course, with the increase of free races in the community there are now more opportunities then before.

Although, if you want to really get into the platform you need to bring a few thousand dollars to play. I am not just talking about racing, but for breeding most certainly.

You will benefit the more you put into this game in terms of research, patience, communication, and most certainly financially.

Zed Run Beginner Tips Post

Thanks for reading our post on Zed Run Beginner Tips!

These are just some tips that we felt were necessary to share. Take this platform seriously, invest in your stable, and we are certain you will benefit long-term.

We hope to see you on the track soon!


Welcome back to the Tribe!

Today we are going to be diving further into the Zed Run eco-system with our official Zed Run Review! By the end of this article we will try to give you guys an accurate rating for the platform out of 10.

Along the way, we will go over some of our top Pros and Cons that we think you should know about.

Nothing should be considered investment or financial advice. Enjoy the ride!

Zed Run Review

Here is what we will be covering:

  • Basic overview of Zed Run
  • Main Pros of the platform
  • Main Cons of the platform
  • Our rating for Zed
  • Tips for what to do next

We will try to make this post as informative as possible for the newbies. With that in mind, lets jump right into it with the basic overview of Zed Run.

Basic Overview

Zed Run Image

What is Zed Run?

Zed Run is a virtual horse racing platform that utilizes the Matic Polygon network in conjunction with the Ethereum blockchain. The concept came to light in 2019, and by 2021 the platform had a successful BETA launch. Today the platform maintains an active and thriving user base.

Most recently, the platform has been scratching at over 100,000 users. In addition, they are celebrating a partnership with NASCAR, and gearing up to push the BETA platform close to the full production site.

If you want to learn more about the basics, check out our full overview of the platform in this article here.

Zed Run Pros

Now, we want everyone to understand that we have been in the Zed Run community for around 2 months at the point of writing this article. In that time, we have built a stable, begun racing, and started breeding in the last month. Although we still have much to learn. Most of the information we will relay in these Pros and Cons are from our personal experience and from private chats with some of the top names in the game at the moment.

Therefore, lets discuss some of the Pros of the platform.

Top Pros on Zed Run:

  • Several opportunities for passive income
  • Strong community
  • Awesome graphics and roadmap
  • Great development team
  • Tons of investor attention

Generate Passive Income

If you have ever listened to Gary Vee or any of those crazy millionaires that yell at you how to invest your money, you might have heard the word passive income. Zed Run is a huge opportunity for this in our opinion.

On the platform, users can breed and stud out horses monthly and rake in a pretty decent ROI. While breeding and studding have strong importance to grow the platform, it also greatly rewards the people doing so.

This is a strong appeal to investors and people looking to put their money into something sustainable. Over time, we could see a great influx of capital from people buying up these genesis money machine horses.

Positive Community

The second top thing about the Zed Run platform is the community behind it.

For most platforms, the community is usually quite secretive and aggressive to outsiders. The Zed Run community is completely the opposite. You can easily join the discord and jump into to a private chat with just about any of the top performs on the platform to ask questions.

This is a huge help for those looking for advice on purchasing horses, racing, or just ways to advance in the community! I strongly suggest anyone learning Zed Run to take advantage of this and use the resource of other people to get ahead!

Graphics and Roadmap

Zed Run Race

If you have never seen the platform, then you need to experience it yourself! Head over to Zed Run and check out a few horse races! Then go to some of the individual horses and play around with the solo graphics and ability to jump them and see all of their beautiful coat details as you examine their stats.

The platform has already shown huge promise in their current clean and classic design style. In time, they could innovate the racing industry.

One thing to also mention is their road map. While it might be more flexible and variable in the near future, long-term the platform is aiming to provide users with even more tools for success like renting out horses, and even being able to own your own track which I am sure would be amazing in a VR world.

Development Team

The company behind the platform is Virtually Human Studio (VHS).  Most recently, VHS received a 20 million dollar investment to continue development from a Series A funding round lead by TCG (The Chernin Group).

While most teams in the market are solely looking to make a quick buck, this team seems to really care about the eco-system and wants their users to be happy. Most recently, there was a huge push for more free races on the platform.

Very quickly the team turned around and pushed out a huge update to help with this. Not to mention all the other work they are constantly doing to launch the full site. The team behind development is very quick to respond to support tickets, fixing stuck races, and advancing their ideals of the platform. It feels great to see such a strong response from a development team to the users!

Zed Run Cons

Those are our top Pros, but now lets discuss some of the Cons of the platform that we see.

We will try to be as transparent as possible and accurately report some of the current and long-term issues we see with the platform.

Top Cons on Zed Run:

  • Difficult for newbies to begin
  • Long-term NFT values could effect platform
  • Bugs and issues
  • Current business model is too aggressive

Difficult For Newbies

As are most things in the crypto space, getting started in Zed Run can be quite complicated.

Along with learning all of the basics of the platform, there are several steps just to get your Ethereum converted and usable on the platform which might scare many new users away. In addition, racing can be viewed as gambling and it is very possible for new users to invest a couple hundred dollars and quickly lose all of that money racing a slow horse (donkey).

Therefore, there might be a good bit of backlash as the platform grows from people looking to “protect” uneducated investors.

A good way to fix this would be to section off new users in different races from the pros for the first couple of weeks. Zed should probably implement something like this to help retain new users long-term, but the idea of more free races already helps to retain these newer people.

Long-Term Horse Value

Long-term value

While most people view the genesis horses as being able to retain their value long-term, there is something else to consider.

Over time as the platform generates more and more users, there will ultimately become an excess of legendary, exclusive, and elite horses. With this, the value of breeding a legendary horse will in turn go down due to the excess on the marketplace and therefore, eventually decrease the value of breeding genesis horses. Now this might be a long time down the road, but having an unlimited amount of horses could eventually pose a problem for long-term sustainable value.

This is just something that should concern investors and those looking to build out sustainable stables for profit.

Constant Bugs

The other clear issue would be the bugs on the platform.

While the platform is currently in a BETA mode, there are a number of bugs that continually effect the racing. Most notably would be the stuck race bug.

When races get stuck, sometimes the visual 3d race is not shown and the race is concluded with results which is fine for most cases. The exceptions are when new users really want to see their horse run and don’t get to, or when influencers are showing races to a community and the race freezes before it begins. This can really “kill the vibe” of the entire experience.

For instance, our first race we went to watch actually got stuck and we did not get to see our horse run which we slightly disappointing.

Other bugs stem from the changes to the underlying stats of horses like stamina and flame. There have been many issues with these changes leading to horses not being able to race, not regenerating stamina, and many other odd things.

Obviously, these will need to be fixed in order to offer a pleasing and acceptable user experience over time.

Aggressive Business Model

The last Con in our book would have to be the current business model of the platform.

While there are many ways Zed Run can generate capital, constantly pulling it out of the eco-system this early on might not be the best approach. To note, Zed currently is taking money out by:

  • Retaining a portion of the stud fees for every horse that breeds ~ 44% – 60%
  • Keeping a portion of fees from horses sold on Opensea ~ 2.5%
  • Taking a portion of every race run ~ 10%-15%

Clearly these percentages are way too much to be taking out consistently long-term. Ideally, these percentages need to all be under 5% each for the platform to be viable in the future. Although, since they are taking so much out development should be able to fund itself just off the platform soon independently from additional series rounds in the future.

Should You Join Zed Run?

Join Zed Run

After all things considered we have decided to give this platform a 9/10. Why might you ask?

Well to put it this way, this platform has a very high ceiling. We look at this platform the same way that we looked at Bitcoin in the early days. If Zed Run continues to produce, there is a huge monstrous upside for investors. Getting in early might just be the best idea since investing in Bitcoin.

This means that we highly recommend people who are interested in the NFT space to dive into this platform, learn the ins and outs, and give it a chance. Granted that it is still in BETA, there are bound to be performance issues at this stage. For those reasons, the bugs and small issues should not deter anyone.

Most notably, the traction already behind it and the investor attention gives us plenty of confidence that this platform will go the distance.

There is a ton of opportunity for long-term profit from breeding, collecting, and racing on the platform. Overtime, it will become a staple in the crypto NFT community as a successful platform that is helping pave the way for other similar game changers.

Tips For How To Join

If you are looking for tips on how to purchase your first horse then check out this post here.

If you want to learn more about the platform then click here.

Want to develop a profitable stable strategy? Click here!

Zed Run Review Post

Thanks for reading our Zed Run Review! We hope this post helps you decide to join the Zed Run platform! See you on the track.



Welcome back to the Tribe!

Today we will be focusing on making some passive income from your crypto. In particular, we will be discussing purchasing NFTs to enable this!

Although, not just any NFTs. We will be purchasing NFTs that can be used on the Zed Run platform to create passive income month after month. Be warned as nothing in the crypto market is guaranteed and the market swings wildly which could also effect this passive income in the future.

In this post we will discuss:

  • What Zed Run is (quick review)
  • How we will generate passive income on the platform
  • Our long-term strategy for growing this out month after month

Lets dive in!

Nothing should be considered investment or financial advice. Enjoy the ride!

Zed Run Stable Strategy

To kick off our post, lets quickly overview what Zed Run is, how it works, and what exactly we will be doing on the platform.

What is Zed Run

Zed Run is a virtual horse racing platform! Recently, it received a good amount of investor attention as well as explosive growth in user base.

The platform allows users to utilize NFTs in a new and evolutional way. Not just any NFTs, but the native horse NFTs that can be bought on Opensea. These horses can be moved to the platform and used for:

  • Racing
  • Studding
  • Breeding
  • Collection

All of the above ways can prove to return a positive ROI overtime, but two in particular we will be focusing on in this article.

You see Studding (putting a male horse up for breeding) and breeding (using a female horse to produce an offspring) is a month to month guarantee. Therefore, you can hypothetically produce passive income by repeating these actions month after month. Lets dive in more.

Zed Run Stable Strategy – Generating Passive Income

If we take this one step at a time, lets took at studding.

Studding is the action of putting your male horse in the stud farm to be used for breeding by other users who own female horses. Yes, the horses are all virtual, but that is how it works even in the virtual world!

On the platform, you are able to put your male horse up for Stud once every 28 days AND the male horse can breed up to 3 times per month in that same stud term. In addition, it is important to know that there is a minimum stud fee per bloodline for horses. This keeps a price floor that actually helps in producing this consistent passive income. Lets take a look at this chart for reference:

Zed Run Breeding Chart

Zed Run Breeding Chart

This might seem intimating, but we will break it down and make it simple.

Zed Run Breeding Costs

Every time a male and female horse breeds, there is a minimum cost that is associated with it. The chart above will help guide that.

As a base, the minimum cost for breeding is a factor of .075. That factor is then multiplied with the [bloodline weighting factor * 80%]  and then you add the bloodline type [weighting factor * 20%]. 

We can ignore the other stable weightings for now, but please note all of the factors above are in ETHEREUM.

For instance, lets say you want to breed a Szabo female (genesis) with another Szabo male (genesis) horse. Well, we can calculate the minimum breed amount by using the formula:

  • .075 x [1.2 * .8] (szabo bloodline) + [1.8 * .2] (bloodline type)

You could do this for every horse you see on the market, but long story short – this is a base for your income if you are able to successfully breed out your horse 3 times in the stud farm!

If you do your homework on horses and make sure you don’t buy donkeys (slow horses) then you can almost always stud your male horse for at least the minimum. More than likely, you can get a little extra per month if your horse is a good racer.

Breeding out your male horse 3 times every month can profit you anywhere from $200 ~ $2000 of passive income depending on the breed, and type of horse!

Monthly Income

With this in mind, we can come to an easy conclusion. If you research and buy certain male horses that have good racing stats, or ones that are unraced, chances are you can breed them monthly for consistent income.

The next thing to mention is that there is a discount for breeding within your own stable! The discount is in the chart above for those interested!

Either way, studding will generate passive income month after month. That income will vary based on the bloodline of the horses you buy and the type. For most people in the market, everyone wants a genesis horse and obviously the highest bloodline you can afford to breed with.

For instance, you want to buy a Finney genesis before you buy a Szabo legendary, because more people will want to breed with your genesis horse. But a Szabo GENESIS is worth more than the Finney genesis and will generate more passive income. Here is the hierarchy of bloodlines for reference:

Zed Run Bloodline Chart

Zed Run Bloodline Chart

This is a good chart to reference for how bloodlines work in breeding. In addition, we can see that the top left “Nakamoto” is the strongest bloodline in the game and by turn is the most expensive to obtain. Obviously along with that, the Nakamoto genesis horses will generate the most monthly income out of all the horses.

Income From Selling Offspring

The next way to consistently generate passive income is from selling your offspring.

To produce an offspring you will need to purchase a female horse and breed it either in the stud farm or with your own male horse! If you go to Opensea you can see what horses sell for depending on the type of horses you plan to breed!

For instance, if you have a Szabo genesis Z3 female horse, you might want to breed it with another Szabo genesis Z3 male to keep the blood line and create a legendary! It entirely depends on what is selling best on the market!

If you were to breed the above horses, you would get a Szabo legendary Z6 horse! Now, lets head to Opensea to check how much those sell for:

Szabo Legendary Z6

Szabo Legendary Z6

As we can see in the partially blurry image above, a Szabo legendary Z6 horse can go for .2 Eth to well over .3 Eth within just the first couple of rows!

In addition, if your horse has good stats from racing you can sell the offspring for even more! Make sure to consider than!

Stable Strategy

With the idea of studding consistently every month for passive income and the knowledge you now have about producing offspring to sell on Opensea, the sky is the limit!

Now, you just need to develop a consistent stable strategy and map out how much Ethereum you can earn per month.

If you are curious about how we setup our stable strategy, then here is how:

  1. We started by researching what on the market was selling and for how much (Find the best deals!) 
  2. At the time we started, it seemed like selling legendary offspring and studding good racers was the best value
  3. Then we researched the average cost of each bloodline of horse versus our budget (What could we afford) 
  4. Then we took the time to research and look up around 50-100 horses in our budget to find the best racers in that range
  5. Afterward, we ran some numbers to compare the best return month for month per our total investment! (Calculate your ROI)
  6. The next step was confirming the horses we wanted, and reaching out to the owners (Find the sellers to start discussions)
  7. From combing Opensea, Zed Run and the community discord we were able to successfully save several thousands of dollars by reaching out to sellers directly and offering appealing bids to their horses! (Learn to make a deal to save some dough)
  8. Once we had our stable built out, we needed to map out when the best time of the month was to breed and stud all of our horses to minimize upkeep (Create a schedule)
  9. After the first successful month of breeding and studding, we tested selling levels of our offspring and stud prices (Test your market)
  10. The next month we made adjustments to maximize our potential income and sell our horses and stud out our horses at their maximum level per the market! (Optimize your market strategy)

This is the basic strategy for making passive income on Zed Run!

More Options

Now you can always do a few more things after those steps:

  • Race your offspring to increase their value and get more income from selling
  • Re-invest your profits to buy more horses to stud and breed for more income month to month
  • Race your breeding horses for more income (since you bought winners already!)
  • Continue to learn about the platform and leverage new tools they implement to make more income over time

Zed Run Stable Income

We hope this post helped you develop your Zed Run Stable Strategy! If you have any questions, be sure to reach out on discord to the San francisco tribe, or find us on Twitter!




Welcome back to the Tribe! Today we are going to continue our series on the fast growing, and well funded platform Zed Run!

In this post we are specifically going to help new users learn how to Purchase Horse On Zed Run! We will take you through the process from start to finish. Here is what we will be covering:

  • Moving funds from fiat to crypto using Coinbase
  • Setting up a MetaMask
  • Converting your Ethereum to the Polygon Matic network Ether
  • Setting up Opensea
  • Placing a bid or buying NFTs
  • Using your new NFT horse on the Zed Run platform

With a full line-up, lets dive straight into it by setting up a Coinbase account.

Nothing should be considered investment or financial advice. Enjoy the ride!

Setting Up Coinbase

Coinbase Setup

The first step in purchasing your Zed Run horse is by converting your fiat (dollars) into crypto (Ethereum).

The most trusted and user friendly way to do so is on Coinbase!

If you have been around the crypto scene then more than likely you are familiar with the platform. Although, if you are new it might take you a little while to get this squared away.

To get setup on Coinbase, you will need to create an account. In the process of doing so, you will be required to verify your email, verify your phone number, verify your identity and provide a method of payment. This payment method is typically a debit card, credit card or by linking your bank account.

While linking your bank account might sound scary, it is very normal and secure. In addition, by linking your bank account you can withdraw and deposit without additional fees on the Coinbase platform later on!

This process if fairly easy, but could take up to a week or two if there are any issues with verification. Here is the link for the step-by-step method, but for the most part just follow the prompts on setting up your account and you should be fine.

Once you have your account setup, you will need to deposit funds and purchase Ethereum (ETH). Make sure to purchase Ethereum and not Ethereum Classic or any other crypto. You need Ethereum specifically for purchasing a Zed Run horse.

Once your Ethereum has been deposited and cleared for transfer (this could take a few days to process as well) we are going to move it off the platform to your MetaMask wallet. Therefore, lets go and set that up in the next step!

Setting Up Metamask

MetaMask Setup

Now that you own crypto (ETH), you are going to need to send it to a usable wallet that is integrated with your web browser. That wallet is called MetaMask!

MetaMask is a software that allows you to interact with the Ethereum blockchain directly. Users can access their Ethereum wallet through the native MetaMask browser extension and interact with decentralized applications on the web. Cool huh.

To setup a MetaMask you will need to:

  1. Go to the link in the “MetaMask” name above
  2. Click the download button
  3. Go through all of the steps and accept any changes to your computer
  4. Create a log in with a password
  5. Open up the extension in the top right of your browser and Voilà!

Once your MetaMask is setup, click the top part of the interface that has your account name and wallet address. Copy the address and go back to Coinbase.

Once back on Coinbase, you are going to send your Ethereum to the MetaMask address by:

  • Clicking Send/Receive in the top right of your account home page
  • Change “pay with” to Ethereum
  • Put your MetaMask address in the “to” section. We got this in the step above where we copied the wallet address from the MetaMask browser extension
  • Enter in the amount you would like to send at the top
  • Click continue and approve the transaction!

Unfortunately, you will be charged a small fee in gas for moving your Ethereum, which you might want to factor into your total input amount.

Afterward, you can track the transaction on EtherScan while your funds move. Once they arrive in the MetaMask wallet (after around 10 minutes), you are finished with step 2!

The next step in the process is converting your Ethereum from MetaMask to Ether (PoS-WETH) on the Matic Polygon Wallet!

Setting Up Polygon Wallet

Polygon Wallet Setup

If you’ve made it this far, congrats you are almost ready to purchase your first NFT! In this step, we are going to setup your Polygon Wallet.

All your are going to need to do is:

  1. Go to the above link on “Polygon Wallet”
  2. Next you should be prompted by a screen that looks like this:
  3. Polygon Wallet Setup Steps
  4. Choose MetaMask and go through the steps to connect your wallet. You will probably be prompted to sign something in your MetaMask interface. Go ahead and do that to approve connecting your wallets together
  5. Once you have connected your wallet, you need to click a button that says “Move funds from Ethereum to Polygon” on the landing screen of your Polygon wallet. It should be right under the receive and send buttons.
  6. Once you select this button, you will be taken to a new screen that allows you to enter in the amount of Ethereum you would like to transfer. It should look like this:Polygon TransferUnfortunately, you will be charged gas fees once again for this, but this is the final time!
  7. Select transfer at the bottom, and within 10 minutes you should see your Ether (PoS-WETH) balance populate with the amount of Eth you sent over minus the gas fees!

Congrats! You are now ready to purchase your first Zed Run horse!

Now, we head over to the second-hand market place to find a horse – Opeansea.

Buying NFTs On Opensea

Opensea Setup

The second-hand market place where you can purchase Zed Run horses is called Opensea.io!

Opensea is just as it sounds, a marketplace for NFTs! There are all kinds of NFTs that can be found on this platform, but in this post we are only looking to buy those special horses that can be used on the Zed Run platform.

In order to find them, you can go to this link here or simply type in “Zed Run” into the search bar on Opensea and click enter! You should see a page similar to this:

Zed Run Opensea

Here we can see thousands of horses for sell, BUT we still need to connect our funds to the Opensea platform. Don’t worry, this is extremely easy.

Connect MetaMask to Opensea

  • Click the wallet icon in the top right
  • Once it pops out select MetaMask
  • Go through the steps to connect it and sign the prompt

If you are successful, you should see your Eth (Polygon) balance that you can use to purchase any horse or NFT on the platform!

Opensea Purchasing

Now that you have your funds, you have two options:

  1. Purchasing a horse outright
  2. Placing a bid on a horse

You can see what horses are for sell outright by the “price” indicator underneath their picture on the Zed Run listings.

Please note that all of the prices will be in Ethereum, but if you would like to see their dollar amount, then click on the picture and a new page will open up. On the page specifically for that horse will be:

  • Information on the NFT (bloodline, gender, breed type, coat color, etc)
  • Price of the horse for sell in dollars and in Ethereum
  • Bids that have been placed
  • Trading history for the NFT
  • Information on who owns it, who created it, and so much more

Some of this information can be very useful in finding an NFT owner and negotiating a price if you choose to buy one.

Although, If you are ready to buy the horse then simply click “Buy Now” and sign the pop-up from MetaMask. Within a few minutes the horse will be in your Opensea account!

It is also important to know that you can place bids on ANYTHING on the Opensea platform EVEN if it is not for sell. For those reasons, you can place bids on your favorite horse even if the owner is not currently selling it.

Although, when you place a bid for a horse you will need to sign a pop-up from your MetaMask interface, select a timeframe for the bid to be available, and then let your funds be “held” for the term of the bid.

Once you have purchased a horse, the next step is to setup your stable on Zed Run to use it!

Setting Up Zed Run Stable

Zed Run Setup

The last and easiest part to this process is setting up your Zed Run Stable!

  • Click on the link right above this to go to the Zed Run platform
  • In the top right you are going to want to click the big green button “Start”
  • Once prompted, select MetaMask once again (I know this is like the 5th time)
  • Go through the process and sign any pop-ups to approve Zed Run Connecting to your wallet
  • And bam! In a few minutes you should see your horses in your profile -> My Stable

Now that your horse or horses are on the platform you have a few choices:

  • Look for a race under Racing -> Events. Then find a class to race your horse in that suits it’s ability
  • Go to your stable and select your horse to be put up for Stud. This is breeding to get free income! (Only for Stallions and Colts – male horses)
  • Or go to Breeding and find a suitable male horse to breed with your female horse! (Filly or mare)

Either way, there is plenty to do on the platform.

A quick note would be that males can breed up to 3 times a month, and females can breed only once. Although, the female horse owners get to keep the offspring. The male horse owners are compensate for the Stud fee they bring in for breeding which can be viewed as passive income!

Purchase Horse On Zed Run

Thanks for reading this educational post on how to purchase horse on Zed Run!

We hope you are now setup to use your horse and fully experience the platform! If you want more tips on Zed Run, then be on the lookout for some of our other posts that will help you make money and succeed on the platform!


Welcome back to the Tribe! Today we have a very special post about a quick growing virtual reality game called Zed Run!

In this post we will give you the basic (very basic) Zed Run Overview, talk about ways to make money on the platform, and ultimately push out a whole series of posts diving into this eco-system over the next few weeks. Without delay, lets get straight into the meat and break down what Zed Run is.

Nothing should be considered investment or financial advice. Enjoy the ride.

Zed Run Overview

The newest trend on the market has been the infamous NFT craze! With pieces of art selling for millions, it was only a matter of time before more “use-able” things hit the market.

That is exactly what we will be discussing in this Zed Run overview.

For those that are new to the platform, or have never even heard of it, Zed Run is a horse racing platform that utilizes the co-existence of the Matic Polygon network and the Ethereum blockchain to host NFT horses that you can race for money or even breed!

The company behind the platform is Virtually Human Studio (VHS).  Most recently, VHS received a 20 million dollar investment to continue development from a Series A funding round lead by TCG (The Chernin Group).

While this is impressive, the company also has a foundational partnership with NASCAR. Other partnerships and collaborations include name brands like Atari and Stella Artois!

Clearly, something must be in the water to make the horses (companies) want to become apart of the VHS band wagon so badly.

Lets step back from the click bait stuff, and discuss the actual platform behind the success.

Zed Run Platform

The Zed Run platform is quite simple to understand.

Users purchase horses in the form of NFTs from the native marketplace or from second-hand marketplaces like Opensea.

Once purchased, users can then use these horses on the Zed Run platform to race against 11 others for a cash price, or breed them to try and get the next Secretariat!

Racing Horses

Racing horses is the fastest way to make a quick buck on the platform.

Horses are divided into fields or categories based on their historical performance. These categories range from class V (the lowest) to Class I (the highest).

In addition to the class system, horses are also run at different “virtual” distances like 1000m all the way to 2600m. Each horse preforms differently at each distance based on their underlying base stats and preferences.

The best way to figure out what your horse is good at is to either view their race history on Know Your Horses to learn their best distances and classes. Or to simply race them around 30-40 times in different distances to get a feel for where your horse BEST preforms.

Of course, there are further strategies to racing a horse. We will  cover those including, Odds, flame, speed, and many other attributes in another post!

Breeding Horses

The second way users can use their horses on Zed Run is by breeding them.

Breeding horses is exactly what it sounds like. You take a male horse and a female horse and Voilà! A offspring is born from the two!

It is not quite that simple though.

On the Zed Run platform owners of male horses must put their horses in the Stud farm to breed. This is where they can be rented out to female horses to produce an offspring. In the Stud farm, horses have a minimum stud fee per bloodline and obviously cost more to breed per their racing ability and desirability.

As you can imagine, a very well known horse that wins most of his races is going to cost more to “rent” to breed then one that is unraced.

The next step of the breeding process is for the owners of female horses to click on their desired male horse to breed with in the Stud farm and select their female horse. Afterward, the female horse owner is charged the Stud fee, and then rewarded a brand new offspring!

It is important to mention that the offspring goes with the female horse owner, and the male horse owner is compensated by keeping the Stud fee.

As we can see, the male horse owner makes money by renting out his male horse up to 3 times a month. The female horse owner makes money by racing the new offspring or by selling it on the open market!

Zed Run Community

Now that we know the basic things we can do on the platform, lets talk about the community.

In our quest to build out our first stable and learn about the platform, we had the privilege of interacting with around 10-20 members one on one.

Honestly, In our experience we had 9/10 pleasant interactions with people. Not only were people nice, but they seemed very willing to give additional information and help us learn about the eco-system.

Overall, there is a very positive vibe coming from the community. People are basically willing to answer questions 24/7 on the discord as well. Not to mention, we had multiple people sell us horses at a discount once we simply reached out to them about prices.

To make this post short, we are confident that the Zed community will help encourage new members to join and feel welcome. We have no doubt that if this continues to be the case, the community will thrive and grow probably much faster than intended.

Should You Join?

Here is our two cents.

From studying and being involved in the community for the past month, we decided to join Zed Run! Here are some of the main reasons why we bought into Zed Run and opened a stable:

  • Strong platform and community following with over 100k people
  • Good investor attention following the 20M series A
  • Impressive partnerships and collaborations
  • Long-term sustainable business model with income from breeding and Opensea sells
  • Profitable platform for breeders and potentially racers
  • Long-term positive ROI for those purchasing select group of Genesis horses (similar to purchasing early day Bitcoin in our eyes)
  • Positive and strong social media presence

For all of the reasons listed above, and for a few other personal ones, we decided to dive into the platform. If you are in crypto and looking to experience the next gen of the eco-system, potentially make some money, or just have fun, we highly advise you to check Zed Run out!

Joining The Platform

If you like what you’ve heard so far and want to make a little extra money then you should join! Head over to Zed Run and start learning everything you can about the platform.

There are tons of resources from youtubers to bloggers that are already paving the way for the next generation of horse racing! Soon, you can also find educational content about Zed Run on this blog. We will be covering everything listed below and more:

and so much more! As we dive into the platform we will continue to put out educational content to help people start. In addition, you can follow our stable here!




If you have been apart of the crypto market for a while, then you probably already aware of the newest hottest trend for the past year – NFTs. In this post we are going to discuss the meaning of NFT, if you should spend time researching it, and top tips before investing!

Nothing should be considered investment or financial advice. Enjoy the ride!

Meaning Of NFT

What is an NFT?

A Non-fungible token (NFT) is a digital asset that contains identifying information recorded in smart contracts that are hosted on a blockchain.

This has multiple use cases that we can dive into, but lets dive into the name a bit more. What does Non-fungible mean?

What Does Non-fungible Mean

Non-fungible simply means that it is not replaceable. If you were to think about a specific item you own like your lucky socks or maybe an heirloom passed down from your ancestors – these would be considered (in a way) Non-fungible. They are not replaceable right?

Where as, if you just picked any pair of socks from Walmart, or if you picked a random item from a craft store you might be more willing to replace any of those items with any of the other ones of the shelf. These items are considered fungible.

So, when someone says Non-fungible token what should you think?

You should be think, something non replaceable in a token form. And that is exactly what it is! It is something that is stored in a token form that can not be duplicated or replaced. This can be all sorts of things like:

  • Video clips
  • Game characters
  • Tweets
  • Photos
  • Art
  • Animation
  • Historical items
  • Houses
  • Even other tokens

As you can see, a NFT can be just about anything that is represented on the blockchain that is irreplaceable and can be owned as a token.

Should You Research NFTs

If you are thinking about diving into this market, then you might want to first do some research.

Although if you are not aware, NFTs have been around for a little while. Single images are going for tens of millions, tweets like Jack Dorsey’s first tweet on Twitter are selling for millions, and common art can land you several hundred thousand dollars over night if marketed right.

Why wouldn’t you want to get a piece of that cake?

You might want to start with a simple course on Udemy, or maybe even a set of YouTube tutorials to get you accustomed to the NFT market. There are some important things you might want to learn before starting to purchase or create your first NFT.

Tips Before Investing

Lets go over some tips before diving into the NFT market that might help you in the long run.

Figure out how NFTs are priced and what they are going for:

You need to do your research about how much people are spending on NFTs and on what kinds of NFTs.

If you went to buy a mattress, and you offered $300, but they were selling for $100, you are going to lose a lot of money when you try to resell your mattress. Likewise, figure out a price range for certain types of NFTs before you even start moving crypto to purchase one. Here is a great article to read that will help with this.

Use A reputable Market Place:

This is very important since there are so many scams in the crypto space. You need to not only be patience, but be overly cautious when entering any new field of the market because you don’t know what you don’t know. People will take advantage of this. Because of that, it is a good idea to start with some of the top marketplaces before venturing out beyond.

Here are some you should start with:

  • OpenSea – One of the largest NFT marketplaces around. Offers lots of different types of NFTs for sale
  • Rarible – A community owned marketplace. Places a huge focus on art based NFTs
  • SuperRare – Reputable marketplace that has a focus in selling unique NFTs
  • AtomicMarket – Type of multiple website marketplace that offers plenty of verified tokens for purchase
  • BakerySwap – Rare automatic market and DEX that on the Binance chain. Very simple and easy to use process for minting tokens
Have Fun With It

As I recommend with people entering the crypto market, it is best not to take NFTs too seriously.

While this might sound simple, it really is a gamble when messing with these things. There is not clear way to know for sure if an NFT will be worth something one day, or if the hype will die down. Therefore, make sure to enjoy the process, don’t invest more than you are willing to lose, and make sure to keep up with your assets and protect them.

NFT Review

Just to review for those that are new, here are the things to take away from this article.

  • NFTs are Non-fungible tokens that are created with smart contracts that represent something based on the information provided and hosted on a blockchain
  • There is no clear pricing structure for these assets, so any investing will be largely speculation
  • Use the reputable marketplaces listed to get started and prevent scams
  • Have fun learning about the hottest trend in the market!

Thanks for reading our post on the meaning of NFT! We hope this help you understand a new exciting part of the market.