Charles Hoskinson Q&A – Upcoming Marketing in China

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Charles Hoskinson Q&A

In a recent Q&A, Charles Hoskinson sat down with an Emurgo representative to discuss some new marketing developments. Besides the bad audio (really guys), we got a taste of what IOHK will be potentially focusing on in the coming months.

In this article let’s break down the Q&A, and take a deeper look at what Charles is thinking in China.

Charles Hoskinson Q&A

Starting off the Q&A, Charles went right into the newest marketing developments for the Cardano Eco-system. The next targeted country seems to be China thanks to two members, Lei Hao and Nathan Kaiser, of IOHK. Thanks to their efforts, Cardano may have stable ground to try and break into this market.

Specifically, Lei Hao is the Director of Chinese Operations at Input Output (IOHK), and Nathan Kaiser is a Swiss lawyer with two decades of experience in Shanghai, Taipei & Hong Kong. These men are leading the way with communication to the Shanghai University.

Cardano Marketing in China

Charles emphasizes the point that Cardano is best served by approaching every marketing opportunity though education first. This is a two fold strategy in that it teaches the target audience more about your product, and it also enables you to learn more about the problems they face before proposing direct solutions.

Additionally, Hoskinson lays out the three main focuses for marketing in China: work with universities, nation wide tour, and finding commercial partners. With Shanghai University being a cornerstone to the Chinese populous, they are off to a good start. In similar fashion, IOHK also has connections in China from a previous endeavor, Blockchain Labs, which can be utilized for commercial prospects.

Moving forward, Lei and Nathan will continue to spearhead the China marketing mission.

Crypto in China

Currently, China is still very hostile towards cryptocurrency. ICOs, STOs, and trading are all banned, but owning crypto is allowed. Additionally, there are ways to work around the ban by converting your Yen to a stable coin and trading on foreign markets. In addition to this, investors can trade in Hong Kong if you can make it there.

The last option to trade for Chinese investors will hopefully hit the market soon. Russia is planning to create a crypto outpost by setting up outside the border of China on an island shared by the two countries. This is huge for both markets, especially if they agree on it and pass regulatory approval for both parties and citizens.

Charles Hoskinson Best Advice

Moving to the end of the Q&A, the interviewer asked Charles to give us his best advice he ever received. Three things came to him:

  • Know when to slow down
  • Know your Priorities
  • Find a big Challenge to accomplish in life