Crypto Donations

Welcome back to the Tribe! In this post we are going to talk about crypto donations and what you need to know about them.

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Crypto Donations

This article was sparked due to the recent conflict in Ukraine with Russia. If you would like to donate crypto to help Ukraine, then please go to this link here to contribute. Every small amount helps with the war effort, and it is considered tax deductible as far as we are aware. Here is the link for those that do not like clicking links:

World Necessity

The world is currently thrown into chaos. Russia is attempting to invade Ukraine, NATO is trying to decide how to deal with this over sanctions, and most recently the decision has been made to remove the entire country of Russia and it’s banking affiliates from the international SWFT system.

So, as we have seen conflict will always arise, and there is always a need.

With that conflict, there will always be those willing to help and pitch in for the cause they support. This is a great thing, and we highly recommend people to do so! If not just to help, then maybe for the tax benefits that you will receive depending on your income level.

Although, how do you know where to donate crypto? With events like the Ukraine invasion, it is pretty obvious for most people.

But, what about a NORMAL day or a normal year. Lets say you just want to donate instead of paying as much in taxes. Where do you go to donate crypto?

Donation Pages

Luckily, there are plenty of pages and services to help with this! The most notable service is called the Giving Block. This service offers all types of private client services for all income levels!

Services like this are for the serious givers, but there are many charities and donation groups that simply accept crypto that you can do yourself.

Here are 5 charities you can go to now to donate crypto to:

  1. UNICEF – Help refugees from multiple counties all over the world
  2. Rainforest Foundation – Donate to help save the rainforest
  3. United Way – Great non-profit for the common good helping people rebuild
  4. Save the Children – Help feed children and house them
  5. Red Cross – First to disasters with medical care, shelter, and food

Donate to Political Campaigns

Another great idea is to donate to your favorite political candidate!

This was a thing pretty much first done in the 2020 election. Andrew Yang was one of the most notable figures taking crypto donations for his campaign fund. Since then, a plethora of political figures have done the same thing with the mayor of New York and the mayor of Miami both being the most recent news wise to do so.

This is now becoming common practice, and really is a great way to make politicians take the crypto industry seriously.

Crypto Donations Post

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21Shares And ByteTree

The first-ever Bitcoin x Gold exchange-traded product was launched by a collaboration between ETP issuer 21 Shares and ByteTree, an asset management heavyweight. Dubbed BOLD, the fund will debut on the Swiss exchange SIX. BOLD is split with an 18.5% BTC and an 81.5% Gold sharing formula. An algorithm that leverages 360-day historical volatility data will rebalance the fund on a monthly basis.

Central African Republic Approved Bitcoin

Bitcoin becomes an acceptable means of payment for the first time in the continent of Africa. Legislators from the Central African Republic recently approved the bill to legalize crypto in the country. The country joins El Salvador in a shortlist of countries with Bitcoin as legal tender.
It’s possible that the CAR could draw scrutiny from international financial bodies and sovereign governments from adopting Bitcoin on a national level. Organizations like the European Union and IMF have been critical regarding widespread crypto adoption in recent times.