Diving into NFTs Zed Run Overview – More profitable than crypto?

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Welcome back to the Tribe! Today we have a very special post about a quick growing virtual reality game called Zed Run!

In this post we will give you the basic (very basic) Zed Run Overview, talk about ways to make money on the platform, and ultimately push out a whole series of posts diving into this eco-system over the next few weeks. Without delay, lets get straight into the meat and break down what Zed Run is.

Nothing should be considered investment or financial advice. Enjoy the ride.

Zed Run Overview

The newest trend on the market has been the infamous NFT craze! With pieces of art selling for millions, it was only a matter of time before more “use-able” things hit the market.

That is exactly what we will be discussing in this Zed Run overview.

For those that are new to the platform, or have never even heard of it, Zed Run is a horse racing platform that utilizes the co-existence of the Matic Polygon network and the Ethereum blockchain to host NFT horses that you can race for money or even breed!

The company behind the platform is Virtually Human Studio (VHS).  Most recently, VHS received a 20 million dollar investment to continue development from a Series A funding round lead by TCG (The Chernin Group).

While this is impressive, the company also has a foundational partnership with NASCAR. Other partnerships and collaborations include name brands like Atari and Stella Artois!

Clearly, something must be in the water to make the horses (companies) want to become apart of the VHS band wagon so badly.

Lets step back from the click bait stuff, and discuss the actual platform behind the success.

Zed Run Platform

The Zed Run platform is quite simple to understand.

Users purchase horses in the form of NFTs from the native marketplace or from second-hand marketplaces like Opensea.

Once purchased, users can then use these horses on the Zed Run platform to race against 11 others for a cash price, or breed them to try and get the next Secretariat!

Racing Horses

Racing horses is the fastest way to make a quick buck on the platform.

Horses are divided into fields or categories based on their historical performance. These categories range from class V (the lowest) to Class I (the highest).

In addition to the class system, horses are also run at different “virtual” distances like 1000m all the way to 2600m. Each horse preforms differently at each distance based on their underlying base stats and preferences.

The best way to figure out what your horse is good at is to either view their race history on Know Your Horses to learn their best distances and classes. Or to simply race them around 30-40 times in different distances to get a feel for where your horse BEST preforms.

Of course, there are further strategies to racing a horse. We will  cover those including, Odds, flame, speed, and many other attributes in another post!

Breeding Horses

The second way users can use their horses on Zed Run is by breeding them.

Breeding horses is exactly what it sounds like. You take a male horse and a female horse and Voilà! A offspring is born from the two!

It is not quite that simple though.

On the Zed Run platform owners of male horses must put their horses in the Stud farm to breed. This is where they can be rented out to female horses to produce an offspring. In the Stud farm, horses have a minimum stud fee per bloodline and obviously cost more to breed per their racing ability and desirability.

As you can imagine, a very well known horse that wins most of his races is going to cost more to “rent” to breed then one that is unraced.

The next step of the breeding process is for the owners of female horses to click on their desired male horse to breed with in the Stud farm and select their female horse. Afterward, the female horse owner is charged the Stud fee, and then rewarded a brand new offspring!

It is important to mention that the offspring goes with the female horse owner, and the male horse owner is compensated by keeping the Stud fee.

As we can see, the male horse owner makes money by renting out his male horse up to 3 times a month. The female horse owner makes money by racing the new offspring or by selling it on the open market!

Zed Run Community

Now that we know the basic things we can do on the platform, lets talk about the community.

In our quest to build out our first stable and learn about the platform, we had the privilege of interacting with around 10-20 members one on one.

Honestly, In our experience we had 9/10 pleasant interactions with people. Not only were people nice, but they seemed very willing to give additional information and help us learn about the eco-system.

Overall, there is a very positive vibe coming from the community. People are basically willing to answer questions 24/7 on the discord as well. Not to mention, we had multiple people sell us horses at a discount once we simply reached out to them about prices.

To make this post short, we are confident that the Zed community will help encourage new members to join and feel welcome. We have no doubt that if this continues to be the case, the community will thrive and grow probably much faster than intended.

Should You Join?

Here is our two cents.

From studying and being involved in the community for the past month, we decided to join Zed Run! Here are some of the main reasons why we bought into Zed Run and opened a stable:

  • Strong platform and community following with over 100k people
  • Good investor attention following the 20M series A
  • Impressive partnerships and collaborations
  • Long-term sustainable business model with income from breeding and Opensea sells
  • Profitable platform for breeders and potentially racers
  • Long-term positive ROI for those purchasing select group of Genesis horses (similar to purchasing early day Bitcoin in our eyes)
  • Positive and strong social media presence

For all of the reasons listed above, and for a few other personal ones, we decided to dive into the platform. If you are in crypto and looking to experience the next gen of the eco-system, potentially make some money, or just have fun, we highly advise you to check Zed Run out!

Joining The Platform

If you like what you’ve heard so far and want to make a little extra money then you should join! Head over to Zed Run and start learning everything you can about the platform.

There are tons of resources from youtubers to bloggers that are already paving the way for the next generation of horse racing! Soon, you can also find educational content about Zed Run on this blog. We will be covering everything listed below and more:

and so much more! As we dive into the platform we will continue to put out educational content to help people start. In addition, you can follow our stable here!




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