Dominik Schiener Interview – More Announcements Coming Up | IOTA Top 3 project

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Dominik Schiener, founder of IOTA, recently had an interview with Voyager. Voyager, a broker in the U.S. is announcing the launch of the IOTA asset on their platform. Voyager already hosts 19 other crypto assets, and it is not allowed in New York due to compliance issues.

Starting the interview, Dominik discusses how he got into the crypto space. I found this interesting, so I am going to share it.

When Did Dominik Schiener Enter Crypto

Dominik entered the space in 2011 by looking for an internet payment solution due to being under age and not being able to use paypal. Through this, he stumbled upon Bitcoin. Soon after, he began mining altcoins and struck gold on a few.

His next venture was a crypto exchange. The exchange ultimately failed due to the lack of regulatory clarity back in 2012 and 2013. He remarks meeting with banks that would abruptly tell him never to contact them again about crypto nonsense. In 2015, Dom got together with 3 other people to found the IOTA project and foundation. their initial token offering only raised $500,000. To put this into perspective, EOS raised Billions of dollars over their offering.

From the very early days, it has been an uphill battle for us.

– Dominik Schiener

Dominik Interview With Voyager

The interview was seamless and easy to listen to. Specifically, the interview was to promote the launch of the IOTA asset on Voyager, but ended up being a full fledged IOTA shill discussing all announcements and aspects of the project. Some exciting things mentioned were the announcement of the partnership with Jaguar Land Rover, hints at more partnership news coming soon, Cordicide test net discussion, and the shift of the marketing into the U.S.

Current Agenda

The current main focus is on development and research for the upcoming protocol upgrade, Cordicide. The team is actively writing code for the first Cordicide Test net which should be coming soon. In addition, the foundation has invited universities to participate and will open up a public network for development once the foundation feels confident.

We want to be the first enterprise ready, permission-less distribution ledger. That will be one of the biggest announcements for the crypto community because almost all projects are still in the proof of concept phase.

– Dominik Schiener

Following these announcements, Dominik is certain they will get stream lined adoption from corporate partners and governments they are already working with and talking to today after the launch.

Iota In the News

Let’s discuss Iota’s recent announcement of their partnership with Jaguar Land Rover. Jaguar has developed a car wallet that utilizes the Iota protocol and the Iota cryptocurrency. The foundation is building upon this and focusing on offering new services to vehicle owners that will also make a more seamless interaction with infrastructure and the government.

In particular, Iota is working on implementing data trading across vehicles. This means drivers will actually be able to sell their data while they are driving. This includes speed, dashboard usage, music, geo-location, and just about everything that could be considered data. Dominik says they are focusing on making this process automated so you can earn money by simply driving everyday.

Another crazy feature they are pushing is the ability for vehicles to begin making money by selling electricity and becoming power or charging stations. Right now Dominik says the team is working to bring this to production with test nets.

Iota Marketing

Surprisingly, Dominik confirmed that they have more announcements lined up for the future. I speculate they keep them hidden to prevent any unnecessary fomo or shilling on the foundation’s part and make sure all the eggs are in the basket before they count them. Currently, he hinted that they have news on working with governments and large corporations, product announcements, and a game plan for launching the first fully integrated crypto product to the market.

Iota Focusing on United States

In addition to upcoming announcements, the foundation already has a stable foot hold in the European basin. Most notable is the partnership with NAPA which includes the European commission and multiple other notable crypto projects. With such a presence in Europe already, Dominik discussed how the U.S. is their next target market.

He mentioned Austin Transportation briefly which was a partnerships that was announced back in early May. One thing is for sure, discussions and talks have already been in the works with multiple companies. He seems quite confident the that companies and even local governments were already sold on IOTA even in the U.S. market.

Before the end of the interview, Dominik also ranks IOTA as one of the top 3 projects in the crypto industry. Only Ethereum and Hyperledger as currently ahead of the project he alluded to. With the upcoming protocol development, this may change though.