Don’t Forget, Bitcoin Cash Scams People Daily – BCH Rebranding – BSV Faketoshi’s Vision

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Nothing should be considered financial or investment information. Enjoy the ride.

A noticeable trend in the market currently is the volatility of the Bitcoin forks. Both forks, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision (BSV), exhibit extreme volatility which investors have taken note of. Most recently, the forks have launched new announcements and developments that we should be looking at and considering how the market will respond. In addition, we will discuss how Bitcoin Cash Scams People.

Bitcoin Cash Rebrands Website

Recently, Bitcoin Cash has made the subjectively smart decision to re-brand their website. No, this is not “new” news, but it still was recent enough to discuss.

An obvious question is, who cares? Well, here’s one very clear reason why you should care. Bitcoin Cash is still projecting itself as the true Bitcoin through manipulative strategies. Specifically, the website still hosts a button titled “Buy Bitcoin” which takes you to a page with more information detailed below:

Bitcoin Cash Buy Bitcoin Button

The deception comes to light in the phrasing of the words and placement of the digital assets when discussed. This has been known throughout the market as a general scam, but recently people have personally reached out with questions on this. With the rebranding, this is a great time to revisit the problem.

To reiterate the point, Bitcoin Cash is not the real Bitcoin. This is where people get tricked into purchasing Bitcoin Cash instead of the real Bitcoin. Bitcoin Core is the actual formal definition of the real Bitcoin. Make sure not to mistake this if you are purchasing Bitcoin, and if you are directing a friend to buy Bitcoin, just send them to Coinbase with your referral link and get that free $10.

Craig Wright is Not the Father

Craig Wright is the infamous leader of the Bitcoin Satoshi Vision digital asset. The awesome reporters over at posted a (humerous) article about Craig being accepted as Satoshi Nakamoto, the true creator of the Bitcoin whitepaper. Although, this is only in Bogota, Columbia and really does not mean anything. Still, having someone on this Earth support his boisterous claims, only leads to fuel his madness.

Additionally, Wright has been adamant about targeting the real Bitcoin community and swore vengeance on the entire network. He even claims that the addition of the Sedgwick protocol, for layer two solutions, is innately flawed and will result in the termination of the entire blockchain within a years time. Well, with the clock ticking and Craig now being targeted by regulators in the U.S. it sounds like his network is flawed and about to be terminated given a years time.

Bitcoin Satoshi Vision Price MANIPULATION

One thing is for sure, BSV will pump anytime just because of the constant exposure and fake news surrounding the project. Over the past six weeks BSV has had insane surges independent of Bitcoin. There is a clear trend of continued price manipulation on this project. Investors have learned to expect these manipulations and try to capitalize on the reoccurring trend. This is extremely dangerous, and I would not recommend it to anyone looking to trade crypto unless you hold tight stop losses.