Entrepreneur And Social Media Guru Gary Vee Solidifies Stance on Blockchain | Blockchain Will Change Everything

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Since the last major bull run, almost every major entrepreneur has commented or formed a stance on blockchain and cryptocurrency. Gary Vee, the CEO of VaynerMedia, is no different in this respect. Previously, Gary was known to be weary of the crypto market and completely bullish on the blockchain movement. To note, Gary admittedly invested in Bitcoin and Ethereum in 2014 himself with a small amount of $25,000.

His most prominent advice to investors and developers in this industry: stay patient.

Along with this message of patience, Gary has made made an example out of people that lost everything investing in the height of the 2017 bull run from FOMO. Additionally, Gary will occasionally quote multiple successful entrepreneurs as well that turned their profits and invested everything into crypto only to lose almost everything in the severe bear market following the December and January surge of 2017 and 2018 respectfully. Although, even with the 10,000 DMs he has of people complaining about this same instance, Gary has a positive outlook these days on the industry.

Gary Vee Likes Blockchain

Ever since Gary started to really learn about the industry and not solely on the price movements of digital assets, his perspective has shifted. In mid 2018, Gary was back promoting blockchain at a convention in Las Vegas, Nevada professing the future of the industry in the macro ways he understood it. Most recently, he was on Innovation and Tech today in March, 2019 speaking on his outlook on the industry.

I am unbelievably bullish on Blockchain technology. I don’t know if Bitcoin or some of the other coins are going to be the currency that wins, but this would be like somebody saying to me, do you believe in the internet?

-Gary Vee

It is known that when Gary starts to discuss things on stage or in public, there is probably a reason behind it. Like his occasional plug for Wine Library, his sneaker line, or simply AI and Voice technology, there is probably a reason Gary is talking more and more about blockchain. The first clear reason would be because it is a hot topic that has plenty of ears turned into it. The second reason could be because he has invested into a project or hedged back into some of the digital assets.

Between the two options, Gary will most likely invest in projects and companies before he directly invests in digital assets. Although, from multiple sources it seems there is no clear record if he has done so at this point in time, mid 2019.

Gary’s Biggest Fears For Blockchain

With the immense power that comes with decentralization, Gary has one main question: Will Russia, China and America Accept Blockchain? Blockchain takes away the leverage these largest countries have in the world over finance, infrastructure, and governance. Countries like Iran are searching to build their own cryptocurrency to get around the hold America has on the Dollar globally.

In addition, countries like America, India, and China are building internal mental laws, as Gary puts it, to support nationalism and promote internal wealth in order to preserve their unions. Ironically, these sentiments are in direct conflict with the basis of the decentralized movement and stand against the overall purpose of blockchain itself. In addition, Europe recently launched their data protection system through GDPR which will be just about useless once a decentralized network is in place.

Gary Discussing Blockchain

To get a better idea of his perspectives, check out this video from 2018 when Gary directly addressed Blockchain and the over arching picture of where he thinks the industry is leading to. His largest concern is the impact blockchain will have in revolutionizing the world from the inside out disrupting multiple countries and their control over the world economy by de-leveraging currency.