Every Market is At All Time Highs While Bitcoin is Under $10,000 – Bullish Buy Signal?

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Crypto Bull Signals

This post is inspired by a tweet sent out by MMCrypto. Let’s take a minute to discuss the Bullish Buy Signal and talk about the opportunity that could come and go quickly.

Nothing should be considered investment or financial advice. Enjoy the ride.

Crypto Market Lull

The crypto market has been in an ongoing lull which has been stretching out since the beginning of 2018. While there was a strong surge in the price over the summer months of 2019, the rest of the year has consisted of sideways trading and a continuation of the bearish market.

Now more than ever there is something even more concerning hitting the market, and that is boredom.

Crypto Market Lack of Interest

Across multiple sites and exchanges, we are seeing most of the 2017 investors hitting a wall. That wall is interest in the industry. I am speaking from personal knowledge, but many sites and aggrigators are seeing this as the people viewing posts, searching the internet, and watching Youtube videos has all decreased significantly over 2019.

This is mainly due to the lack of hype around the market. In 2017, there was so much hype due to people making 10x over night from ICOs and people manipulating the market. Not to mention Ethereum pumped 10x in a week which was the second highest asset in the entire market. Gains like that on the market leaders is insane.

All of these contributing factors, along with the good and the bad drama of hacks and market spikes, lead to quite an exciting time for the crypto space. People had never really experienced those kind of gains and loses before, because most people had never really invested before.

The 2017 bull market did way more than shill and expose crypto, it opened so many people’s eyes to the world of investing.

Market Oppertunities

While there are plenty of opportunities, Bitcoin is looking more and more undervalued. In comparison to the rest of the world, you would think Bitcoin would be continually soaring. Although, there is still plenty of manipulation, due to the lack of properly regulated exchanges. Once the governments of the world start to establish a system of digital asset banks similar to what Hong Kong is doing, there will quickly be centralized and regulated exchanges to follow.

While this does not promote the narrative of Satoshi’s true vision, this is still adoption at its finest. Peer to peer transactions will always be available especially with some of the upcoming updates to Bitcoin’s main net.

Buying at the Top

Remember, a huge issue for investors is poor decision making. The market makers, in general, want you to purchase assets at the top, and dump them when the market is low. Therefore, of course everyone is saying, buy the stock market. All the while, few people are saying purchase Bitcoin. This is due to traditional fear and greed that the heavy hands know and capitalize on.

Although, the smartest way to make sure you do not lose your money, is consistency. Long-term investments with the idea of 10-20 year time frames. Do not buy Bitcoin for tomorrow, buy it for several years down the line. As always, this is just my own personal opinion and is not investment advice.