NFT Gallery

Welcome back to the Tribe! In this post we dive into what an NFT galley is, and where the best places to view NFTs are.

Nothing should be considered investment or financial advice. Enjoy the ride!

NFT Gallery

Have you heard all the rave about NFTs? Well, there is good reason for it.

Imagine if you could invest in art before it became, well art! That is exactly what NFT collectors all around the world are trying to do right now. Grab the next best thing before people even realize it is there.

On top of that, Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have become one of the best investments in the crypto space in 2021. While the rest of the market was tanking, plenty of these assets have been appreciating and out growing the currencies they are bought with.

This new fad, is starting to bridge the differences between the traditional art world, the traditional gaming world, and the blockchain space all together.

Although, many people simply do not know how to even view their NFTs. Lets get into that.

What Is An NFT Gallery?

A NFT galley is a place where you can view your NFTs similarly to a real life gallery you would walk into! There are also places where you can go and view thousands and thousands of NFTs all listed sort of like looking for things to buy on amazon!

These are typically just called NFT marketplaces, but there are so many at this point it can be hard to figure out where is legit and where is not. It is also very important to mention that since NFTs are still so new, there are a ton of scams out there waiting for new comers.

These scams range from selling fake NFTs that look like popular ones, to selling NFTs with malicious code for hackers to drain your crypto wallets. Therefore, it is extremely important never to connect your wallet, or purchase random NFTs that you have never seen of or heard of.

Most marketplaces will verify sellers, and those are typically the safest NFTs to purchase.

View Digital Art

As we just discussed, there are a few ways to view NFTs.

The first is to actually download the NFT or image onto a physical device. There are tons of ways to do this so we will not bother going through them. Basically, you can purchase your desired NFT, download the image, and project it onto a wall or have it come up in a digital picture frame somewhere in your house.

This is actually becoming more common these days with people even projecting them on their TVs when they are idle. Some creative people even put fake frames around their TVs to make them look like a real picture on the wall instead of a clunky TV hanging around.

The next way to view digital art is by combing the marketplaces! You can connect your wallet as we mentioned, and upload all of your NFTs to a marketplace. There you can click on them to view them, or share you page on your socials to brag a bit!

The top marketplaces around right now are:



OpenSea is a New York NFT marketplace. The platform was founded around 2017. As you can imagine, just about anyone can access the platform to buy, sell, trade, or mint any type of NFT. This includes art, gaming, collectables, or really anything you can think of.

Opensea has been a staple for huge communities like the Bored Ape, Zed Run, and so many other. The platform is extremely easy to use, user friendly, and offers tons of cool features like minting. We suggest checking it out!



Rarible is similar to the platform we just mentioned above, but it was founded in 2020. It is based in LA and distinguishes itself from other platforms by categorizing its NFT assets into things like art, music,  domains, photography, games, worlds, and many more options! As you can guess, users can buy, sell, trade or mint their own NFTs here as well.

Rarible can be a bit much for a new user to get used too immediately. We suggest for people to try it out for a bit before making a final decision on the platform. Some cool features on the platform include listing celebrity NFTs, showing top selling NFTs, and being able to mint your own tokens! While this platform is popular, it seems like more people are moving to Opensea slowly overtime.

Virtual Platforms

The last way to view NFTs (and probably most important) is to go on a decentralized virtual platform and have them placed in a gallery.

Here are the two most popular virtual platforms in the blockchain space right now:



Decentraland is one of the most popular virtual worlds currently available, if not the most popular. It was built on the Ethereum network. The easiest way to access it is with a MetaMask wallet that can be easily obtained on your browser as a plugin.

The metaverse is a perfect way for people to view their collections like it was in the real world. This can be for both the static photos and the animated ones! It gives people the chance to not only view their NFTs, but be creative with them as well.



CryptoVoxels is another virtual world that was built on top of the Ethereum blockchain. This metaverse allows the creation of galleries using the Spaces and Parcels feature. With this these tools, artists and collectors can build galleries to their liking and creative appeal.

The only downside about using this space is that artists and collectors cannot interact in real-time with others, limiting the experience. It is very popular for people with a huge fan base to higher someone to build out their space in Cryptovoxels for their fans to acquire a better immersive experience of their work.

NFT Gallery Post

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