IOTA Chosen Over Bitcoin, Ethereum, And EOS In Twitter Poll Of Over 3000 People

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In this article we are going to cover some IOTA related news, and give some Bitcoin maximalists a chance to bet against IOTA long-term against a Twitter user.

Nothing should be considered investment or financial advice. Enjoy the ride.

IOTA Is A Market Favorite Currency

Still, against the big names in crypto, IOTA is the favorite coin on the market with its tangle based data structure. A recent poll by Weiss Crypto Ratings that was conducted on Twitter shows that IOTA is ahead of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and EOS in terms of favor. Although, these metrics do not correlate with price movements unfortunately. Below is the twitter post for those that are interested in checking it out and reading some of the comments:

The IOTA foundation has announced several large developments for the token in the past couple of months and will continue forward with these developments hoping to launch the most important one, coordicide, by the end of 2019. This implementation of coordicide will finally bring back prolonged investor confidence from the decentralized community.

Seemingly, we can speculate that upon announcement of a completion date, the asset could surge drastically on the approach to the deadline. Like all news in the market and events, the price will likely retrace quickly after the actual implementation is enacted.

IOTA New Team Member

Along with new ideas and developments, the IOTA team has continued to hire the brightest minds from around the world to solve some of the worlds most difficult problems. Although, no matter how great the project is, it is useless if no one hears or learns about it. Therefore, the foundation has put an additional focus on their marketing and media teams.

There is probably not a single person in the market that can say the IOTA marketing team and video production team do not do an amazing job. Everything produced by the marketing team has thus far exceed expectations and lead a professional brand appeal. With that being said, the IOTA Foundation welcomes their newest social media manager and marketing team member, Thabata Dias.

Thabata has more than 12 years of experience in the marketing & digital communications field. Born and raised in Brazil, she started her career in large corporations in Sao Paulo. In 2014, she came to Europe to do an MBA. Since then, she decided to make Europe her home and started working with tech startups.

IOTA Medium Post

Specifically, Thabata will be focusing on social media posts, blog curation, and marketing on the Linkedin, Youtube, and Twitter pages. All of these platforms are specifically strong for crypto communities with Twitter and Youtube probably holding the most attention across the market. Linkedin is a close second to the other two as it is currently growing rapidly and offers a streamline of connections straight to the businesses that could utilize the technology the best.

Overall, Thabata’s resume’ consists of over 12 years working in professional digital marketing, social media management, and social engineering. She has worked with large brand names like Samsung Electrons, Maybelline, and Johnson & Johnson. These are some of the largest brands in the world with great active marketing influence. Therefore, we can assume she received plenty of exposure to marketing for large corporations preparing her to take on a position like this.

From the San Francisco Tribe, welcome to the IOTA foundation.

IOTA Price News

Regardless of the repetitive good news around IOTA, the price of the token has suffered heavily over the 2018 bear market and even throughout most of 2019. There was a strong pump around the announcement of coordicide, but that has fully subsided and the coin seems to be on a constant downward trend much like the rest of the alt market. Although, Iota was historically around the top 5 coins in the market, and finished the bear market around the top 12 to 15 ranked digital asset on the market.

Slowly, it seems the asset has lost market dominance to its peers and slipped just barely into the top 20 at rank 19 based on CMC data. There are several reasons why this could be the case, but the best one to point out is the lack of volume. IOTA consistently posts lower volume than most of the other top 20 to 30 assets in the market which can be concerning for investors.

If a token does not have substantial volume, then liquidating your assets as an investor can pose problems. Likewise, the lack of trading means there is not enough data for bots or day traders to effectively bet against or for the asset. Over time this could not be the case, but for IOTA to stay relevant the volume needs to increase and an exchange like Coinbase needs to add the project as well easier entry.

IOTA Price Bet

To have some fun, one twitter has posted a bet against Bitcoin. The bet goes that by the year 2022, IOTA’s market cap will be greater than Bitcoin’s. I do not believe this is even possible due to the sentiment surrounding Bitcoin, but bets are always fun to make and joke around with. Due to the influx of willing people, the same user made another bet on a tweet for .5 BTC. This best is that IOTA will out preform Bitcoin in the remainder of the 2019 market cycle.