Largest Insurance Broker in the World Utilizing Blockchain + End of Year Projections

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Largest Insurance Broker in the World in Crypto

There’s been a large amount of news shifting around the crypto market. A constant stream of FUD and FOMO in both directions across the market from Google and Facebook stepping into the scene, to Binance completely changing the name of the trading game. Here is my analysis on the current market standings and whether or not there will be a bullrun in Q4 this year. Additionally, I will disclose a hidden company that has been working behind the scenes to provide the blockchain industry with security and protection.

Disclaimer, this article is not to be considered as investment advice or financial advice. Take everything with a grain of salt and enjoy the ride.

Current Market Status

The market has been on a roar since April 1st. The Price of Bitcoin has gone from $4,000 to easily over $8,000. Historically, this usually triggers an altcoin pump one to two months after initial Bitcoin pumps. Although, it seems whales and investors are largely concentrating on Bitcoin price movements instead of shifting to the alts. The altcoins in this market are not “pumping”, at least not in the way we would anticipate.

There is still a decent amount of growth in the altcoin market, but for instance, XRP spiked to almost $0.80 earlier in the year and has yet to even come close to those levels. Cardano is having a rough time breaking the $0.10 psychological levels and likewise, EOS has come tumbling down after their announcement.

What we would have expected, is a uniform pump across the market for altcoins. Although, this is not the case. There are sects of pumps and dumps based on news and announcement manipulation. The only top coins that are trending heavily with Bitcoin are BCH, BSV, ETH, and LTC. With BCH and BSV leading the charge with sporadic massive price surges.

Clearly, these surges are not organic which is not what market markers and speculators would like to see. The prices are heavily manipulated in these coins, but it seems that manipulation has become the name of the game as traders look to capitalize on these known pump and dumps.

End Of Year Projections

As we shift into Q3, 2019 could look similar to 2015. After the previous bull run of 2013, 2015 was a year of sideways trading and some decent gains for the market as a whole in Q3 through Q4. We could very likely see this same scenario play out end of year. As good news continues to roll out of partnerships and main net launches, we could potentially see new all time highs this year.

Likewise, if Bakkt launches or the SEC provides an approving tone to the market we could see extreme FOMO. Although in light of the market trends and historical data, this is not likely. Probably, the market will tapper off throughout Q3 and have a nice pop into the Q4 holiday season. Moreover, I could easily see a $10,000 Bitcoin followed by a nice array of altcoin surges.

Insurance Brokers in the Blockchain

The insurance broker utilizing blockchain is one of the largest in the world – Marsh & McLennan . Marsh has been heavily investing and researching new and innovative ways to promote and develop blockchain based solutions. Personally, I have spoken with New York’s Digital Asset Risk Transfer team (DART) that is bringing large clients to market like exchanges, brokers and hedge funds. The market is vast and needing. There is absolutely no shortage of clients needing these services, which actually plays into Marsh’s hands. This gives them the ability to be selective with who they want to bring to market to set the tone for the future. There are some smart people at play managing these accounts from personal experience.

Additionally, there are several other projects they are working on internally that cannot be disclosed. With the leader of the industry diving in head first, it is safe to assume other brokers and insurance companies are doing the same. Most of these projects will look to utilize a private ledger blockchain similar to Hyperledger or build their own. In some cases, they will use public ledgers to authenticate and transmit non-critical data.