Mirandus Review

Welcome back to the Tribe! In this post we are going to do a Mirandus Review! Please understand that this game is very much still in development and these are just our opinions based on what we’ve seen thus far from the platform and the company behind it.

Nothing should be considered investment or financial advice. Enjoy the ride!

Did you ever play video games as a kid? The kind like fallout, Rune Scape, or maybe a little bit later like Skyrim?

Remember how awesome those games were? The feeling of exploring a whole world, running through dungeons, and trying to sell all the random crap you found fighting monsters to a NPC shop keeper?

Well, you’re in luck if you loved those things, because we’ve got the next best thing for you. Its an open world, RPG set on the blockchain..

Mirandus Review

The ultimate game for RPG players, blockchain lovers, and NFT aficionados. Mirandus is a new and upcoming fantasy RPG currently in development by the company Gala Games.

Although, this game brings so much more to the table than the traditional RPGs that you’ve played before. In this game, the players can own the world. That’s right they own just about everything!

In this game the players ,or NFT owners in this case, own things like:

  • Land through out the realms
  • Houses
  • Shops
  • Boats
  • Farms
  • Lighthouses
  • Characters
  • and so much more!

This is all thanks to the concept of NFTs. Players simply connect to the game with their crypto wallets and bam! All of your NFTs that work on the Mirandus platform populate throughout the game. The cool thing about this game is that players will be able to do things for real money. Or at least for the GALA token that can then be sold for real money. Players will be able to:

  • Rent homes for tokens
  • Farm crops for tokens
  • Craft armor and weapons to sell as NFTs
  • Lease out land for profit
  • and just about everything will be able to earn you money since you can exchange stuff for tokens

This concept really has never been done on this scale. It is sort of like an online multiplayer Skyrim where players own the shops, towns, castles, and much more for those familiar with the game.

Current Status


While that all sounds exciting, the game is not quite ready yet.

Even so, Gala Games did mint and sell all of the NFTs that can be used on the platform. Not surprisingly, almost all of the NFTs sold out. The company made millions alone just off of selling the NFTs.

Although, didn’t we just say the game was not ready yet? That’s right, they did all this before any version of the game was released at all. The entire game is still in development.

The other odd thing is that even though it is in development, you can actually play it in a form of open development. Think of this like playing Skyrim without any of the quests, and you can only walk into one town to see other players. Also, the graphics are not quite up to speed so everything is a bit grainy and slow.

You see, while most game are built and then pushed out for the community to enjoy, Gala is doing things slightly differently. Right now, the game is in one of many BETA stages that you can play and help them test things. In fact, the first BETA stage that opened up was in late 2021. The game looked extremely raw and undeveloped in this stage. Players could only make out landscapes, other characters, and have small interactions.

By the end of 2021, the game looked way different! Players were now able to see something resembling the world in the ads and images. In addition, they loaded up in a specific location, could walk around on the mountains, swim in the water, and make their way into a town to earn something called Materium for being apart of the BETA testing.

While the improvements are massive, the game is still very VERY far away from the detailed images and graphics that were advertised out to people when they bought in. But, the idea is there and the path is clear at least.

Gala Gaming

Lets take a quick look at the company behind the game and the token GALA.

A huge part of this game is the company behind it. Although, there are some very important questions that investors need to be asking themselves like:

  • Do they think that the company has the capabilities to deliver the game that was promised?
  • Can they do it in a reasonable time frame?
  • What will change from now until release in the game from the original conception?
  • Will the value of the NFTs hold while the game is in development?

These are just some of the questions that I am sure investors are curious about. For starters a game like this is a huge undertaking. Potentially, this game could take upwards of 2 years to fully finish and be what they expect it to be. That is a long time on the market for these NFTs to sit and these investors to wait.

The next big piece of the pie is the underlying GALA token.

Gala Token

Assuming the company’s capabilities are up to par, what about the token economics?

If you’ve been around since 2016, then you probably know how this story goes. Most tokens do not fair well at all in a bear market. In fact, most tokens lost 80%-95% of their value in the last bear market alone. Not to mention most tokens lost so much value that the companies behind them lost credibility, and were eventually moved off of exchanges due to lack of volume.

Considering the GALA token will be such a large part of this economy, and tied to the NFTs value, that is something very important to consider before signing on.


mirandus exemplars

With the basic information & concerns out of the way about Mirandus, the company behind it, and the GALA token, lets get into our real review and ratings.

Game Concept

To kick things off, lets begin with the game’s concept.

An RPG world where players can own and profit from just about anything. Brilliant! We absolutely love this next generation idea, and the team has already delivered on not only producing the NFTs, but selling almost ALL of them which is extremely impressive.

The game has a huge appeal for traditional RPG gamers, blockchain lovers and NFT collectors. The fact that people can also earn money on it, just puts the entire idea over the top.

We give the Game concept 9/10.

Game Graphics

Next thing to check out is the gaming graphics, assuming they accomplish their advertised graphics that is.

While most gaming companies might be pushing for the surreal, real-world experience, there is something ascetically pleasing and comforting as the sleek block style they have chosen.

While they could have put more realism into the game, the simple nature of it really does not subtract from the experience at all, but simply solidifies the gaming feel.

We love the graphics and think they did a great job so far designing out the world. If they can deliver on those designs, we have no doubt players will quickly fall in love with it!

We give the game graphics 8.5/10.

Game Status

The last thing we are going to evaluate is the game status.

This is probably going to be the hardest hitting part of the review. Here is why.

  1. They sold millions of dollars in NFTs to a platform that is currently… not available
  2. They are leagues away from a finished product as advertised
  3. There are further issues with the token economics long-term
  4. Better things could come along in the time frame of development

This might all sound a bit harsh, but it is the truth. We feel it was rather unnecessary to sell NFTs to a platform that only has a simple minimal viable product. While we get the idea of marketing, hype, and lead up, it all seems a bit pre-mature.

Also, game development does not always go as planned. A lot of the time, things change as you develop a game, and selling parts of your product before the game is even developed, really could cause some issues down the line.

In addition, the token economics around the GALA token are concerning. There has been backlash around the community from a fund that is held by the company. As we understand it, the company gets a percentage of all the GALA mined into an account that has no restrictions. This fund is also quite a high percentage of the overall supply of GALA. As we’ve seen time and time again, this leads to distrust between the token holders and the company in the long run. Ultimately, they need to burn a large portion of these tokens if they are to maintain trust with the community over the long-term.

Overall, we give the game status a 5.5/10 since there is still so much uncertainty around the game, company, and token.

Mirandus Rating

Therefore, with all things considered we give Mirandus a 7.5/10!

To be clear, we love the product, idea, and direction. We are mostly concerned about execution, token economics, and delivery. If Gala Games delivers what they advertised, then we could easily see this being one of the biggest games in the NFT space! If they fail, then this will certainly be one of those things that other industries will point to and say, “That’s crypto for ya.”

Mirandus Game

Mirandus Review Post

Thanks for reading our Mirandus Review Post! We hope you get a chance to check out this new generation game. It has huge potential, but still a very long way to go before it accomplishes it’s goal.

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