Bitcoin Or Ethereum

Welcome back to the Tribe! In this post we are going to dive into our perspective on whether NEW investors should get Bitcoin or Ethereum. Therefore, we are going to answer the age old question: Bitcoin or Ethereum?

Nothing should be considered investment or financial advice. Enjoy the ride.

Bitcoin Or Ethereum

This post could not come at a better time.

Currently, Bitcoin is soaring to new all time highs by shattering that $65,000 layer that it previously could not. In addition, Ethereum is reaching its all time highs again edging over $4,000 in some markets.

These huge prices brings the overall crypto market to over 2.6 trillion dollars, the first time in history. An outstanding accomplishment for a bunch of “fake internet money” as so many traditional investors would call it.

At this point in the market’s life cycle, it is getting harder and harder to argue against its authenticity.

Although, that is not what we are here to prove in this post. This post leverages the idea that crypto is here to stay, but which ones are here to stay?

More importantly, as crypto continues to gather exposure and influence newer investors will continue to flood the scene.

This post aims to answer the age old question of Bitcoin or Ethereum? Which one should a new investors dive into first?

New Crypto Investors

Although lets be honest. These new investors have almost no clue what that are actually buying.

With questions like:

  • What’s a Bitcoin?
  • Can I hold a crypto in my hand?
  • Can I buy a part of a Bitcoin?
  • Is Ethereum a Bitcoin?
  • How do you use your Bitcoin?
  • What backs crypto?
  • You can only buy Ethereum with cash right?

We’ve heard it all. People have almost no idea what crypto is, what it does, what it’s for, where it comes from, or really what its worth.

Therefore, we want to make it simple for them in this post and lead them safely to an answer.

BTC or Eth

Back to the main point of this post, BTC or ETH?

Well, most people in the space would actually vote for new comers to get Ethereum before Bitcoin and here is why they would answer that.

  • Ethereum is the 2.0 of Bitcoin
  • Eth allows companies to build upon it
  • Ethereum has a lower market cap and more room to grow
  • Developers love Eth for the scalability and long term potential
  • It’s cool to invest in tech like Ethereum versus the grandfather Bitcoin
  • Long-term Ethereum could flip Bitcoin’s market cap

There are many other reasons, but these are the generic ones that everyone will understand regardless of your background.

Bitcoin is King

Although like most markets, the majority would be wrong.

We don’t want to seem insensitive on this choice because believe me we own both Bitcoin and Ethereum as any crypto advocate should.

Although remember this post is specifically for new, uneducated investors.

Here are our top reasons why BITCOIN should be the first crypto any new crypto pioneer should hold.

  • Bitcoin has never lost its place as number one in the market
  • Ethereum has gas fees that can deter new crypto pioneers from the market
  • Ethereum is extremely complicated on the backend and could lead to confusion for new comers
  • Bitcoin will soon break into the traditional market with an ETF making it much more of a secure investment long-term
  • Ethereum could still fall to a number of other projects that are more scalable and reliable

Now, we understand that last statement might get a lot of backlash. In that case, lets break it down.

We all need to come to the understanding that Ethereum has not “won” yet in terms of becoming the next Google or Apple of Dapps or web 3.0.

Ethereum Issues

While no one can argue that Ethereum is a monster in terms of use-cases, development, and innovation, there are huge issues underlying all of those things still.

Most notably, is the continued delay in Ethereum 2.0 and the move to staking.

It is no secret that Ethereum has issues with scalability, high gas prices, and a lingering laundry list of problems.

What keeps it at the top of the market is the overwhelming amount of use-cases, dapps, and it being a medium of exchange at this point for so many things.

Although, it is extremely important to acknowledge that once para-chains become active in the market, there is no saving the Ethereum strong-hold if these issues are not fixed by then.

What’s a para-chain?

It is a blockchain that allows d-apps, code, and assets to easily migrate from one chain to another without friction. This is fourth generate of blockchain that is quickly approaching.

While there is still time for Ethereum to bolster its defenses and solidify its claim to the throne, only time will tell if it is successful.


Thanks for reading this post on Bitcoin or Ethereum. We meant for this post to be educational for new comers, and not to spread FUD.

Please understand that we believe in Bitcoin AND Ethereum whole-heartedly, but we must also be realistic with the current environment of the market.