Presidential Race Needs Blockchain – Andrew Yang Supports And Accepts Bitcoin

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In this post we are going to take a look at a recent youtube video that featured an interview with one of the United States democratic presidential candidates.

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America’s Presidential Race

For those that are not from America or familiar with our presidential system, every 4 years we elect a new president through a public and electoral voting process. Ironically, the public vote does not always win due to the principal of the electoral vote being more important which is more than you need to know already.

Currently, we have a republican president in office, Donald Trump. You might have heard of him a time or two. Since he is republican, the democratic (liberal) party gets to go through a long list of candidates, 20 plus, ready to run against the current president. There is a lengthy process where these candidates are removed in the Iowa Caucasus and narrowed down to 3 individuals. Furthermore, there is a secondary vote cast in the New Hampshire primaries that narrows this list down to the final candidate to run against Donald Trump.

Andrew Yang Loves Bitcoin

One of the candidates is the notable Bitcoin lover and entrepreneur, Andrew Yang. Andrew is a likable guy with a strong zeal for economic welfare. His main concept for his presidential race is the idea of giving every American citizen a stipend of $1,000 a month. His philosophy is that this will boost the economy and accelerate development as people will satisfy their current livelihood needs faster and spend more money on goods and services.

In addition, Andrew is currently the only candidate that has actively promoted and supported the crypto industry. He came out touting the benefits of utilizing Bitcoin and now accepts crypto based donations for his presidential race. If this interests you at all, you can donate Bitcoin on his website.

Andrew Yang Crypto Interview

On August 14, Yang was interviewed by Crypto Joe and The Coin Chat to further discuss his position on cryptocurrency, the presidential race, and his welfare program. We are going to focus solely on the blockchain and crypto related parts because that is what you care about.

Andrew Yang Supports Technology

Jumping right into it, Yang bounces around topics and focuses mainly on his presidential race, but there is also a good bit said about technology and blockchain. Yang clearly thinks the path for America as a country is forward and not backwards. For instance, Donald Trump’s slogan was, “Make America Great Again.”, but Yang thinks looking back at the good ole days will result in the same outcome.

Thus, Yang views technology as the means to a new country super power. He related Technology to the 21st centuries’ oil resource. For instance, entire countries’ ecosystems have been built around their ability to supply and sell oil around the world. Technology is the virtual representation of this commodity. In short, America needs to focus on building up tech based companies as a resource.

Specifically, he views blockchain to be apart of that resource. One quick example he gave is the need for a voting application for the younger generation. With the recent problems of vote manipulation, using a blockchain based system could solve this problem for the next election. Millennials do not want to vote the old fashion way, they want to do it on their phone. He says this process would take time and there would be a need for both physical voting locations and virtual ones to suit both the older and younger generations.

In summary, Yang supports the entire crypto industry and wants to see more blockchain companies, applications, and Bitcoin utility hitting the market.

If you are interested in watching the interview, the video is linked below: