Project Updates in June

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Cardano Neo Events

With Q2 coming to an end in June, there are tons of project updates in June looking to finalize some quarterly ambitions. Most projects promised some type of upgrade, application, or listing per quarter in their roadmaps, but it seems Q3 is sneaking up on them fast. With the surge in market prices, most investors and speculators are not as concerned with the developments anymore. Regardless of your position on decentralization or trading, there is money to be made in the market surrounding certain updates.

Before Q2 ends, there are some great opportunities to grow your portfolio. The standard trading practice in crypto is buy the rumor and sell the news. Therefore, here is my list of the top rumors to lookout for before the Q3 torch is lit.

Note, nothing in this article should be taken as trading or investment advice. Do you own due diligence and research before putting your hard earned money into anything.

Cardano June Updates

First on the list is Caradno (ADA). ADA is one of the most highly anticipated and appreciated projects in the crypto space. Although, ADA’s greatest weakness seems to be providing what was projected in their roadmap time to time. Before the end of Q2 (June 30), we can hopefully expect two things to come to pass.

Cardano Roadmap Update

With Cardano being over a year old and in full development mode, it is time for the team to produce a new and obtainable roadmap. Known for not quite accomplishing every thing on the list, IOHK and Emurgo need to be mindful to not bite off more than they can chew. Traders should be mindful of Cardano as it approaches major updates and milestones on this new roadmap as the price can fluctuate quite rapidly.

Shelly Testnet June 15

Soon after the new proposed roadmap is released, the Shelly Testnet should be launching. Shelly, the newest mainnet project, will be rolled out in phases throughout the year. This means there should be multiple updates, protocols, peer reviews, and workshops beginning the process of completing the Cardano masterpiece. If you want some technical advice on the upcoming price action for this project, check out this article.

Zilliqa June updates

Zilliqa is another great project that has tons of anticipation and positive reinforcement from the community. To reflect, Zilliqa is one of the first public blockchains which aims to implement sharing and allow linear scaling as the blockchain naturally develops. This project currently has two big updates launching before the end of Q2 that crypto advocates should listen for.


First of the announcements is the release of smart contracts on top of the Zilliqua blockchain. The Zilliqua blockchain aims to solve scaling problems through sharding which more traditional blockchains struggle with. Although this is impressive, multiple top projects in the space now have scaling solutions which could be why Zilliqua has not been as prominent since its release. Besides stable competition, the project still has a massive following and huge potential.

With the upcoming release of smart contracts on top of the Scilla interpreter, the project is looking better than ever. Investors and speculators should expect some price movements surrounding this update. Most bag holders could try and trade the spread. The price changes can easily increase your bags if you are careful and know the price movements of this asset. Learn more about the upcoming smart contract release on this article here.

In addition to the smart contract release, the Zilliqa team has a scheduled Core Protocol Engagement update due before the end of Q2. This could happen at anytime in the month of June if it is not pushed back into Q3

NEO June Updates

NEO has been out of the news for a while, but we have to never count the China version of Ethereum completely out of the races. Unfortunately for this project, their main token based project that resides on top of their blockchain, Ontology, is planning to switch to a more proactive and developed chain in the coming months. With no plans being set in stone, we could see these movements change if NEO steps to up their game. Either way, there is one event coming up that market markets should be looking towards.


On June 3rd at 9:00 am there will be a very important NEO mainnet upgrade. During this all mainnet nodes will upgrade to neo-cli v2.10.2 with an implemented dBFT 2.0 consensus algorithm. There will also be a network fee adjustment to improve system stability. Easy to say that this upgrade is very over due and could spark some life back into this decaying project.

June Crypto Events

There are multiple other crypto events, upgrades, and announcements happening around this space. Here is a list of three more you can research if you are interested. Remember, most of these listed above and below could result in high volatility in each respective asset. Keep that in mind if you are thinking of aggressively trading any of the assets mentioned.