PWC to Host an IOTA Event in Luxembourg – PWC Could Leverage the Tangle for Data Security and Automation

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In this article we are going to take a look at an upcoming event for IOTA that is being hosted in Luxembourg by none other than PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC)!

Nothing should be considered investment or financial advice. Enjoy the ride.

IOTA Event

On November 13, 2019, PWC will host an IOTA event in Luxembourg for educational purposes. The goal of the event is to review the current blockchain landscape, discuss the most recent developments on the IOTA tangle, and dive into some of the applications that can be used at scale.

The event will consist of four speakers and a conclusion which will lead to a networking event afterward:

17:30-17:50The basics of Blockchain – by Thomas Campione, Blockchain and Crypto-assets Lead, PwC Luxembourg
17:50-18:30IOTA from A to Z – by Dominik SchienerCo founder, IOTA
18:30-18:50Update me! Distributed Ledger Technologies on Cybersecurity in the Internet of Things – by Mirko RossCEO, Asvin
18:50-19:10PwC Smart Trace: showcase of a traceability tool – by Prem KumarAssociate Director, Smart Trace Senior Technical Lead, PwC India
From 19:20Networking cocktail

Table courtesy of PWC.

In addition, the event is by invitation only. Therefore, if you would like to participate you will have to go to the website and request an invitation to this event. This should help trim down the audience to only suitable guests that have the foreground knowledge to participate with the discussion and add value to the event.

Slowly, it seems IOTA has been continually gaining traction across the globe. From speaking at U.N. meetings to being invited to E.U. regulatory events, Dominik and his team are positioning themselves for long-term success. \


PWC could potentially be looking to leverage the Tangle for data security and long-term automation purposes. The amount of data PWC receives yearly is astounding, and more than likely this data is not fully secured from things like social engineering or coordinated attacks. Over and over we have seen large companies taken down by hacks and scams, but PWC might have the right idea bridging into the blockchain space as a means for a secured network.

Coupled with this, AI and neural nets are right around the corner. By leveraging IOTA, PWC can start the process of automating a lot of the mundane tasks that take up 40-60% of their time. In turn this should vastly increase revenue and open up the doors to more complex projects and industries. Not to mention the blockchain industry greatly needs consultants and professionals that understand the use cases and applications in order to further push the blockchain agenda in to the markets.

IOTA Project

IOTA is still holding strong as one of the top projects throughout the entire blockchain industry. Led by co-founder Dominik Schiener, the IOTA project has gone through many cycles to make it where it is today. The largest criticism still stands to be the centralized coordinator project that holds the network together.

As mentioned earlier this year, the removal of the coordinator, Coordicide, has been approved and been in development for the past several months. Soon, the announcement should be made for the official removal date. until then, the price of IOTA is still a fraction of what it was previously at its all time high in 2017.

=In other news, Binance.US has finally added IOTA back into the line up. Now U.S. based investors can buy, sell, and potentially leverage IOTA on the Binance platform. This is great for liquidity and exposure since Binance is the top exchange in the world.