Ripple is Amassing the Strongest Team in the Market.

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Ripple Jobs

Everyone knows about the strength of Ripple labs and their XRP token in the crypto market. Regardless if you think XRP is a true cryptocurrency or not, every move Ripple makes propels the crypto community further and further. In the coming years, almost every asset with become inter-operable thus making the market one living unit. Think of crypto projects as websites, and soon we will have a structure set in place like Google to surf all of the websites all under one umbrella.

This is a loose idea, but the purpose is simple. Encourage growth of all crypto projects. Any exposure is good exposure for this industry, and the further one asset can go into disrupting the traditional world, the better for all. With that being said, let’s take a minute to check out Ripple’s most recent hire and available jobs.

Nothing should be taken as financial or investment advice. Enjoy the ride.

Jobs at Ripple Labs

In the past two years, Ripple has been on a hiring spree picking up some of the best people possible with traditional market connections and experience. In particular, Ripple has been targeting people with experience or networks with the SEC and other regulatory bodies. Most recently, Ripple picked up another person that fits this mold, Michelle Bond.

Michelle Bond at Ripple Labs

Michelle has worn many hats in her career. Here is a list of some of here jobs she has held since 2007. She has been on a clear path through the United States Senate to the SEC and now onto the blockchain space.

  • Ripple 2019 to present – Global Head of Government Relations
  • Blockchain 2018 to 2019 – Global Head of Policy
  • Bloomberp LP 2014 to 2018 – Head of Global Regulatory Affairs and Public Policy
  • United States Securities and Exchange Commission 2012 to 2014 – Senior Counsel
  • United States Senate 2011 to 2012 – Counsel for the Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs Committee
  • Hogan Lovells 2007 to 2010- Associate, Corporate & Securities, Financial Institutions

Why is this important for Ripple?

Ripple Is Not A Security

The entire purpose of Ripple hiring the brilliant minds to finagle the regulatory industry is to navigate the laws to make sure XRP remains either unclassified or classified as not a security. Thus far from everything reported, XRP is currently not considered a security. With Ripple bringing on people with deep connections and experience in these areas, XRP will likely be classified as not a security within the year following Bitcoin and Ethereum’s favorable outcomes.

Ripple Labs Available Jobs

Besides the large hires happening throughout the market and in general, Ripple is constantly posting jobs for people to apply for.

Ripple Current Jobs Available Via Glassdoor

There are over 42 jobs listed currently for Ripple on Glassdoor with even more posted on their website.

Ripple Jobs Salary

A majority of the jobs are for Software Engineering, xRapid account support, and upper level management jobs. The Salaries are quite nice at almost all of the jobs starting above $100,000 a year. Many are much higher than this is you have the skill set required. If Ripple continues to grow and maintain the partnerships it currently has, it will not be long until Ripple starts to move the market all by itself.

Ripple Working With MoneyGram

The other top news with Ripple and MoneyGram has been substantially covered throughout the market. Simply, Ripple worked a deal with the company to buy out a certain percentage of the stock, projected over 10%, to create a partnership with the company. Essentially, this will solidify the use of xRapid throughout the client base of MoneyGram and expedite the on boarding process which takes so long to complete.

Ripple and MoneyGram Stock Movement

Additionally, the boost in exposure through blockchain association served to skyrocket MoneyGram’s stock prices instantly. Easily within the first few hours of the announcement, MoneyGram’s stock more than doubled in price. This is a great sign of the traditional markets opinion on blockchain related to partnerships and coordination.