Shark Tank Star Lied About Bitcoin | The Market Indicates Time to Accumulate

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Shark Tank Bitcoin

In this article we are going to discuss the recent exposure on Shark Tank star Kevin O’Leary, market developments, and see who is accumulating Bitcoin right now.

Nothing should be considered investment or financial advice. Enjoy the ride.

Shark Tank Star Exposed

A recent video which is linked below in this article, discusses an exposed infamous Shark Tank star, Kevin O’Leary. Kevin, AKA Mr. Wonderful, is a common critical personality on all things investing. The video does a great job of digging up a video from 2019 where Mr. Wonderful condemns the utility and purpose of Bitcoin in totality against fan favorite Anthony Pompano which directly contradicts an early video found of him from 2013.

Playing devil’s advocate, Kevin makes Bitcoin out to be a type of rat poison (squared) similar to Warren Buffet these days with an ignorant candor. Although the recently revisited footage from 2013, shows that Kevin is anything but transparent. In the 2013 video, Kevin is seen clearly explaining the utility, infrastructure, and market purpose for not only Bitcoin, but the entire market essentially.

I think, the best way to look at this (Crypto), this is a proxy for the mistrust individuals have of central bankers.

-Kevin O’Leary

Not only that, Kevin agrees with the sentiment of Bitcoin becoming this “safe haven” for investors against traditional markets, government control, and standard inflation.

If you don’t trust any other currency, this is where you go.

-Kevin O’Leary

Who Is Kevin O’Leary

Kevin O’Leary is most well known for his appearances on the TV show Shark Tank. The show focuses on entrepreneurs and businesses that pitch their ideas to some of the wealthiest investors in the world. In general, Kevin is a Canadian businessman, book author, TV personality, and supposed Bitcoin skeptic.

Specifically, O’Leary co-founded two companies, O’Leary Funds and SoftKey From 2004 to 2014. Other than these companies, he has appeared on multiple television shows, and hosted Shark Tank. Regardless of the success, Kevin started from the humble beginnings of non other than his mom’s basement. At one point, he even begged her for a $10,000 loan to help him start his first company.

Kevin is the face of most modern investing and loves to play the Devil’s advocate whenever possible on TV. That is his TV persona if you will.

Influencers Love Bitcoin

Similar to Kevin, multiple high profile influencers have started to actively hedge back into the Blockchain space. We wrote another article on a well known personality, Gary Vee, who switched from condemning the market, to propping it up with his appealing attitude towards the technology mid 2018. Like wise, CEOs like Jamie Diamond went from fully disowning the industry to launching a digital asset through his company, JP Morgan earlier this year. In similar fashion, Facebook had banned all crypto and blockchain related ads, but now they are trying to capitalize on the emerging market by launching their own currency with blockchain as a proxy.

Clearly, the largest companies in the world are doing opposite of what they say, similar to the influencers. Jack Dorsey, the CEO and founder of Twitter, has publicly said that he is actively investing $10,000 a week straight into Bitcoin and mining Ethereum personally. Even China is proposing their own native digital asset after completely banning the trading of cryptocurrencys. It seems odd that so many powerful figures and countries would be so polar before going head first into the industry.

There is almost no way at this point for any rational person to deny the crypto movement, yet people like Warren buffet still oppose the movement similar to the U.S. government. What more will it take to make these blind eyes see? Check out the video below on the Kevin O’Leary topic, and listen to some of the points he makes about the way deep pockets are manipulating investors.