Should You Invest In Cardano


To start this post: Should You Invest In Cardano (ADA), it is important to know that nothing in this post can or should be considered financial advice or consulting. Simply one person’s opinion on Cardano and the future of digital assets. With that being said, let’s dive into it.

What is Cardano

Let’s start this post off with a general overview of Cardano. Cardano is a top ten cryptocurrency that is built on a function based language, Haskell. The aim of Cardano is to provide the market with a provably verifiable smart contract based platform. ADA is promoted by 3 branches: Input Output Hong Kong, Cardano Foundation, and Emurgo.

Input Output Hong Kong: This is the branch of the trio that facilitates blockchain development, constructs research, and works with other projects for monetary gain. They are now moving to Wyoming! There has been no update on if they will change the name of the company as well. By the way please please please check out their website because wow.

Cardano Foundation: This piece of the group is the community initiative. The foundation is a group of dedicated individuals that promote the use and well being of the Cardano community.

Emurgo: Based out of Japan, Emurgo is the investment arm of the Cardano ecosystem. This group is responsible for building commercialized partnerships, bringing startups to the ecosystem, and promoting ADA smart contract development.

Market Sentiment

Now that we know what it is, what does the market think?

An important part of each project is the market sentiment surrounding the digital asset. Thus far, the sentiment on Cardano has been a highlight for this project. Not only do most investors love this project, but streamers, youtubers and bloggers do as well. There is hardly any bad news about this project besides the fact that is it taking longer than expected. When a project has a general consensus of positivity across the entire market, you know they are doing something right.

Cardano Research

Besides a positive sentiment, Cardano focuses heavily on research for their mission of a provable system. In order to create provably verifiable smart contracts with a unique consensus layer, there has to be a highly educated team of professors, researchers and innovators. Each piece and assumption has been taken into account and analyzed in the Cardano academic papers. There are over 50 research papers that have been published and a good amount of those papers have been peer reviewed on an international scale.

As impressive as this is, the real trick comes into play when the research is not only provable, but the fundamental building blocks of the ADA blockchain main-net are as well. The main-net is easily the most anticipated arrival for the Cardano community that should be coming into fruition later on in 2019.

Cardano Community

Likewise, the Cardano community is a pillar of ingenuity and zeal. There are podcasts like the Cardano Effect and Podcast Cardano. There are random AMAs lead by none other than the CEO Charles Hoskinson where he will randomly live stream on Youtube and answer questions for 2 hours. Additionally, Once a year in Florida IOHK hosts their very own summit. The summit is specifically for employees only to recap on the development and discuss the future of the company. The community wanted to attend the summit so bad that now anyone to come just to experience the company first hand.

Additionally, multiple Youtubers like Crypto Daily and The Crypto Lark are constantly shilling and promoting the Cardano name to bring more recognition and exposure to the project.

Why to Invest in Ada

At the end of things, there is still one looming question of should you invest or not. For that question, here are some reasons to invest in Cardano:

  • Charles Hoskinson was a co-founder in Ethereum one of the most successful projects on the market
  • Research driven project with scores of brilliant individuals
  • Functional based language that intuitively decreases chance of hacks, bugs or protocol failures
  • Widely adopted and liked asset with constant promotion
  • Main net release happening in 2019 that should spike enthusiasm, exposure and coin price (not guaranteed)
  • Three brand eco-system to eliminate single point of failure. Additionally, each branch is funded in unique ways which means prolonged longevity of the project

Why not to Invest in Ada

Likewise, here are some reason why you probably should not invest in Cardano:

  • Not a complete project yet
  • Launch date has been delayed already and could potentially be delayed again
  • Multiple competitors including EOS, TRON and Ethereum
  • Not the highest volume (liquidity) but regularly in the top 20

Cardano Price Projection

Besides the fundamentals, the price of Cardano is still an important aspect to consider.

Before we discuss this remember price projections are incredibly fickle and could result in a wide range of results. For more information on how I believe the market will react in the coming years, check out this blog on Crypto Market Cycles.

Assuming the crypto market will reach to an entire market cap of $1.2 – $2.5 trillion, The Ada coin price could surge to anywhere between $1.80 to $3.50 per coin. This would actually be a huge ROI for investors considering the price currently stands at $.074 per coin.

Again, price projections are considering an immeasurable amount of assumptions and conditions. Projects come and go throughout the market and Cardano could potentially phase out of popularity. Regardless, I believe this project will stay within the top 20 at minimum throughout the next bull run.


In conclusion, I believe Cardano is a good investment due to the fundamentals, thriving ecosystem, sustainability and general sentiment. Above all else, Charles Hoskinson has spent most of his 2018 year traveling and forming relationships with governments across the globe. I am unsure what this will mean for Cardano in the future, but it sure smells like a winner.

Finally, remember that if you can not accurately explain to you mom what you are investing in, then you probably should not invest in it. Do your research, due diligence and confirm every fact before acknowledging it as true.