Dave's Story



Yep Stuff Happens, good stuff happens, bad stuff happens, unbelievable stuff happens. Here is some stuff that has happened in my recent story.

There is horrible stuff and wonderful stuff but it is my stuff, and I would like share my stuff with you. 10 years ago they told my step mother she was cancer free! Stuff Happens!

3 years ago she died of that same cancer they couldn’t see on her CT scans. Stuff Happens!

6 months after that I had figured out why they couldn’t see/measure it and I fixed it. Stuff Happens

6 months ago I quit my job and cashed in my retirement to fund my technology company (less than a floor ape) and non profit to share the tech with the world! Stuff Happens!

The IRS drops the ball on the 5013c status and we miss the funding opportunity we had. Stuff Happens!

A few months ago I am tasked with analyzing an NFT project and am given a small bag to buy and sell a couple of NFTs to familiarize myself with the process. Stuff Happens!

I decide to help fund my non profit by releasing a collection of AI generated art as Van Goatee. Stuff Happens!

I buy a crappy horse in this beta project called Zed Run and create Van Goatee stables. Stuff Happens!

The Scam

I reach out on Discord to discuss the upcoming NFT project on with moderators for Opensea, Mintable, Rarible and have good discussions with them including one that “helps me with a header issue I am having” on a chat. Stuff Happens!

I decide to Ape into Zed Run and make my first major purchase with 2 Buterin Genesis Females. Stuff Happens!

My breeding plan is too one sided (color only) and my knowledge too limited to buy a good horse. Stuff Happens!

I discover the Steppe Stables color calculator and with the power of Slate Gray, I use the breeding algorithm to create the Darthside Supercoats. Stuff Happens!

My wife buys me an early Christmas present and spends an insane amount (for us) of ½ eth to buy Darth Vader ($900 at that time). Stuff Happens!

I buy a U/U/U for my color breeding program. It is my first Finney. A legendary slate Gray status with no research. It was just a very overpriced lotto ticket. Stuff Happens!

That horse is Darth Talon. Stuff Happens!

I manage to race, trade, hustle, and breed my way up the chain to having 3 genesis males, 2 colts, and Looper my slate gray stud. Eventually, I even add Zhabo a slate gray filly. Stuff Happens!

I learn to use the tools of the community to better play the game and give back to the streamers and toolmakers with the only resource I have – Van Goatee Originals. I start looking at other projects and other groups on discord to buy into more new projects that are not yet verified. Stuff Happens!

I mint the first super rare Rainbow Zhabo ZRC token. Stuff Happens.

I finally have 3 genesis males 2 of them colts for long term holds Electric Viking and High Rider. Stuff Happens!

I get slate gray Finney half siblings to breed together a twin from a breeding set up with a major stable and layaway my first Nakamoto Z4. I am on my way! Stuff Happens!

I bought a super cheap item from a collection on Opensea for a tenth of what the rest are going for. Stuff Happens!

I get an email notification saying my JCC Token sold but I hadn’t listed it. Stuff Happens!

I am looking at my phone when the notification comes in! Stuff Happens!

I pull up Opensea as more notifications start to flash on my screen for Looper, Electric Viking, and Darth Malak. Stuff Happens!

There is a panic button on the app and I push it! The flood stops. Stuff Happens!

The Recovery

All the currency on my MetaMask account is gone except 100 dollars in ETH. Stuff Happens!

I share my experience as it is happening to my new community. I am greeted with compassion, sympathy, and offers to help in any way they can even stables with no horses reached out to me. Stuff happens.

I create a new wallet and send my remaining horses to their new home safe and sound because even though Opensea is locked down Zed Run bypasses Opensea and allows the transfer between stables. (Good for me today but big security loophole) Stuff Happens!

I am given a Dinomonk by one member of the community and a horse by Retro Racing (still makes me cry thank you) to do with as I please race it sell it whatever. Stuff Happens!

And it doesn’t matter. Stuff Happens!

Good stuff, bad stuff, what matters is the and! What do you do next, how do you move forward, how are you changed by the experience you have. The and is where life is!

I hope some of this stuff never happens to you. I hope some of this stuff does happen to you. I can’t wait to hear about the AND though.

Thank you all I love each of you!

Zed Run – Sanfrancisco Tribe Message

Hey Zed Heads, we want to reach out personally to the community about what recently happened to our friend Dave.

The other day while surfing Opensea (pun intended), Dave bought a suspicious NFT.

He signed to approve the transaction, and went on his way.

Unfortunately in signing to approve the NFT, he might have unintentionally let hackers into his account.

Now, we do not have all the details on how this is possible, or for sure if it was the purchase that let hackers into his account. He told us it could have also been a site he previously signed into or the moderator that “helped him” with his header issue.

All we want to say is be careful. Be careful with your wallets, be careful with accepting random NFTs, and be careful who you trust in this space.

Dave was blessed to get most of his horses back, and then some from giving community members. That is exactly why we feel that Zed Run will succeed in the long run.

Because of the community.

Dave can attest to that.

We want to say thank you for helping Dave.

Although, If you’d still like to donate anything to Dave or help him after these unfortunate events, here is his Twitter. Please reach out to him! Or, maybe go pick up one of his art works!