Twitter Is Now The Official Platform For Crypto – Users Can Now Earn Money From Tips

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In this post we will very quickly cover the recent development involving Twitter and Bitcoin! A love story that never seemed to spark into much, until now.

Nothing should be considered investment or financial advice. Enjoy the ride!

Twitter and Bitcoin

Recently, there were whispers about the Twitter team trying to include a way for creators and content providers to get paid on their platform. Of course, not long after those hints there has been an update to the platform that allows just that!

Here is what you need to know regarding the recent update to Twitter

  • The tipping feature utilizes the Lightning Network which is a layer 2 solution for micro payments on the Bitcoin blockchain
  • Tipping is available for iOS users (aka apple products)
  • Twitter is using an app for this feature called Strike
  • Twitter is continuing to try to innovate new ways to integrate crypto into their social platform

As we can see this is a pretty huge deal. Lets break this down and talk about what this means for Twitter and for Bitcoin overall.

Twitter Is Now The Official Platform For Crypto

Without a doubt, Twitter has been moving full steam into the lime light for the crypto eco-system.

Their newest goal is to turn “fans into funds” to encourage users and content providers to use their platform over any others. This is a bold move since there are no major platforms that currently use a feature like this.

We can all expect Facebook to be watching this move very closely along with some of the other minor platforms.

What This Does For Twitter

Although, what does this really do for Twitter?

Well, it welcomes innovators on the blockchain space with open arms. These masterminds that are building the worlds next payment systems, web 3.0, d-apps, you name it will all flock to Twitter.

Mainly because they have made it clear – we are crypto friendly.

While other platforms like Facebook continue to ban and unban crypto content, Twitter has taken a different approach. They have embraced the deskside and are not looking back.

We should expect their platform to grow drastically in the coming months as the crypto industry consolidates on the platform. Hell, they might even develop their own blockchain at some point or become hosted their selves on Ethereum eventually.

What This Does For Bitcoin

At the end of the day, any new use case for Bitcoin is a win.

Clearly this is not going to open the water gates, but it will continue to push the Bitcoin agenda. Bitcoin is here to stay and it can be used. Showing the world ways to use Bitcoin will always help the industry.

Plus, this will get more people familiar with Bitcoin and using Bitcoin without having to do much. This is kind of like the beginning of the internet all over again.

Layer 2 solutions will only continue to get built out and Bitcoin will continue to take more and more market share over time.

Twitter and Bitcoin post

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    Virgil says:

    Super quick question, first without a doubt jack Dorsey is following through on his belief in bitcoin! How long will Android users James to wait to have this feature available for them to utilize?

    Thank you for the great content!!

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