VHS Acquisition

Welcome back to the Tribe! In this post we are going to discuss the recent acquisition that Virtually Human Studios made of Spectre Studios! Specifically, we will be talking about what this means for Zed Run down the line!

Nothing should be considered investment or financial advice. Enjoy the ride!

VHS Acquisition

First off, what is Spectre Studios?

Spectre Studios is an Australian virtual production company that specializes in making VFX come to life! They do this by working with a bunch of the best tools in the industry like the Unreal engine to create realistic scenes for movies, tv shows, and music videos.

With an impressive resume of working with famous people, popular movies, and big music artists, Spectre Studios is not a small time gig.

How then did VHS get involved with Spectre Studios?

Well, from a quick look at their Instagram it seems they’ve been involved together for some time now. Spectre has a Zed Run post on their Instagram from as far back as August 2021, so it is safe to assume they’ve been working together perfecting the visuals for the Zed Run platform most of the year.

Virtual Human Studios

It is also no secret that VHS is expanding rapidly.

The company secured a series A funding round in early 2021, raking in over $20 million dollars. Not to mention they have an extremely successful product, Zed Run, that has been making them millions already. On top of that, they have been on a hiring spree for most of 2021 filling all kinds of roles from marketing director to full stack developers. Clearly, this company has funds and a mission they need to accomplish.

In late 2021, they released several teasers about their next big project called Human Park.

There is still not a clear image about what Human Park will be, but we can safely assume they will need a strong VFX team for it.

Besides their upcoming plans, lets take a step back and talk about their already successful product – Zed Run.

Zed Run Impact

There are already tens of thousands of investors on this platform, and they are all eager to see where VHS takes the platform next with this acquisition. Most recently, the team revealed their 2022 road map with some huge promises and goals for the year.

The announcement was so positive, that the market immediately reacted in raising the floor on all NFT Horses used on the platform.

Although, what does this most recent acquisition have to do with the platform?

From above, we can already conclude that Spectre Studios has been working with the Zed Run product team all along. Probably helping with the marketing videos, visuals, and the future of the platform all together.

You see, Zed Run still has a long long way to go before it is mass market ready, so there is plenty of work for Spectre to do on the platform. Not to mention that we are quite confident that the team is not content with the platform simply being  “just a game“.

Imagine if you could enter virtual reality and actually attend a NFT horse race or better yet, watch your own horse race? In addition, why shouldn’t you be able to interact or visit your stable. Maybe take your horses for a walk to Hawku farms for some Carrots? We have a feeling that this is in the roadmap at some point.

What about Human Park? While we still don’t know exactly what it is, but we can imagine that next level virtual visuals will be apart of the main appeal.

We think this is all in the pipe line. Human park, Spectre studios, Zed Run, NFTs, and more is all just a continuation of their main plan. To build an immersive Meta based world where people can gamble, play, interact, and experience the next step of the internet and Web3.

We expect huge things to come out of VHS, and we think that Spectre Studios is just a small piece of the puzzle of what they have planned. In all ways, Zed Run will benefit from this acquisition long-term.

VHS Acquisition Post

Thanks for reading our VHS acquisition post! We are super excited for what VHS has in store for 2022, so make sure to check out their page and check out Zed Run if you have not already.

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