Zed Run Blog Post #3 – Racing And Community

zed run blog post 3

Welcome back to the Tribe!

In this third Zed Run Blog post, we are going to continue to discuss things that are happening in our stable, talk about a tournament we entered, and of course a racing update!

Here is a quick run down:

  • Changes to our stable
  • Giveaway update
  • Racing update
  • Tournament entry
  • Horses For Stud
  • Social growth

Nothing should be considered investment or financial advice. Enjoy the ride!

Zed Run Blog Post #3

Here is an update for the Sanfrancisco Tribe Zed Run journey!

Stable Update

Rosebery Affair

  1. We welcome our most recent acquisition Rosebery Affair, a Z5 Finney stallion! We ultimately plan to breed this horse, but first we will take some time to race it just to see if it has potential.
  2. The next horses that we welcome into our stable is Fire Style, a Z12 exclusive Buterin that is the offspring of Blue Fire and Different Gravey. It has shown some promise, but we will wait to see how it performs long-term. We are planning to sell the offspring, so you can pick this one up here if you would like.
  3. The last addition to our stable is Bedtime, a Z12 exclusive Buterin colt that is the offspring of Blue Fire and Major Speed! Again we will race this offspring some, but ultimately plan to sell it. If you are interested, you can find Bedtime here!

We are very excited to continue to see our stable grow!

As we grow, we are still trying to figure out what we like best on the platform. Only time will tell, but we are going to continue to try our hand at everything for now.

Giveaway Update

Our giveaway is still live for those still wanting to enter for a free legendary Z7 Finney!

You can go here to enter! If you go through our Tweets, we have already sent out the secret phrase as well for 25+ extra entries.

Make sure to keep up with our Twitter if you want to be included in all of the giveaway secrets and extra entries!

Racing Update

We have won our first 32 races, with 43 second place finishes and 19 third place finishes!

stable update 3

We are very proud of our success in the racing scene.

Our win rate has dropped some as we experiment with some new distances on a few horses, race offspring, and race the new horse to our stable!

Slowly we are finding out where our horses race best. It really is hard getting the hang of racing, but we are going to stick with it for a while!

Our goal is to get 100 wins before the end of the year, but we are fairly sure we will pass that!

We’ve Entered Into Our First Tournament!

The tournament we have entered in is the Jockey Club Classic!

We are extremely excited to be included in this. Luckily, our friend over at MJ Stables picked up our horse Blue Fire on his team!

To be completely honest, we had no idea what to expect when we entered. Although, we are more than happy just to be along for the ride this tournament for the experience.

Studding Out Horses 

While we are still figuring out this breeding thing, we are happy to be able to stud out some of our top horses.

Most notably, we have Welcome Home, More Traditional, and the new Z4 Szabo Little Choosey all in the stud farm.

We are still experimenting with good market pricing for the horses, but overall we think they will all make great breeders so go check them out for us!

Social Growth

Our Twitter has continued to grow throughout the month of September!

We just broke 400 followers, and we are pushing to break 1000 by the end of the year!

We appreciate every single person that is following our journey! Thank you all so so much.

Zed Run Blog Post

Thanks for reading our third Zed Run Blog post!

We will continue to update you guys every couple of days on our racing success, stable changes, and other fun things we dive into.

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