Zed Run Launches Free Races Worth $20,000 Per Day

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Zed Run Free Races

If you are following our most recent post, then you will know that we have dove into the Zed Run eco-system. If you are unfamiliar with the platform then click here for the basic overview!

For the cliff notes, Zed Run is a virtual horse racing and breeding platform that works on top of the Matic Polygon network in conjunction with the Ethereum blockchain. Behind the scenes they utilize many parts of the crypto ecosystem like Opensea, The Graph, and MetaMask to make the platform function seamlessly.

Now that you know what we are discussing, lets get into the newest update to the platform – more daily free races.

Nothing should be considered investment or financial advice. Enjoy the Ride.

Zed Run Free Races

To understand why free races are so important, we need to discuss what a free race does for a horse. For example, what is the point of a free race other than to give money to the lucky winner? Glad you asked. Here is a list of things that free races do for the community:

  1. Free races allow owners to test the strengths of their horse without costing them money to do so like in paid races. This allows them to gather intel on their horse’s base speed, flame, and in prior cases the odds of winning
  2. New players will also not always be comfortable risking money early on. Therefore, having free races open to all and available will entice them to get comfortable with racing in general
  3. Out of money for your paid races? Do some free races and recoup some Eth to be able to race in the paid ones again!
  4. While Zed Run is undoubtedly making money off racing, breeding and selling, having a healthy level of funds re-entering the eco-system is always good for sustainable growth

These are some of the reasons WHY having free races in the eco-system are important. Now, lets look at some of the prior issues Zed was having with their free race system.

Issues With Free Races

There were many issues with the prior free race system. Zed needed to fix this since there was a decent uproar in the community about it. Here are the top issues the platform was having:

  1. Free races were too few and practically impossible to get into
  2. The rewards for free races were around $2-$3 which is not enough to re-enter the paid race scene with
  3. There were only class 1 free races which allowed a wide variety of horses to enter. This could greatly skew the curve in the favor of any strong class 1 horse entering

Changes to Free Races

Here is how Zed fixed the issues above:

  1. Zed increased the rewards on free races per class. Rewards now for winning a free race can exceed $50 per race
  2. They divided up free races by class which makes them more appropriate for each group of horses racing
  3. The frequency of free races was increased dramatically
  4. They posted about the changes and made it clear so everyone could participate and be aware!

The changes from one system to another is practically night and day. There is a strong assumption that due to the recent overall success of the platform and funding of 20M into the company behind it, that the team is now much more comfortable giving back to the community. Granted there is still much more to do on the platform, this is a great start to enticing new horse owners into the community.

Zed Community

The Zed team clearly listened to what their community had to say.

Not only did they make a few changes to benefit the eco-system, but they also made it clear that the intention of the $20,000 total prize pool per day was to give back! With this amount of funds re-entering the community per day, there should start to be explosive growth of new comers looking to pick some of this up.

Realistically, a new stable owner could purchase a couple horses for around $100-$200 each, enter free races daily, and hopefully start to bring in some passive income. Now, this is not the actual idea of the platform and long-term vision, but giving the “little guys” something to eat is extremely important for the long-term success of the platform.

Overall, the team increased free racing payouts by over 700% per day. This is spread out across all classes, and can be as much or more than $20,000 per day. While there might be a lot of strong projects out there in the crypto space, this definitely puts Zed Run on the map to be one of the most watched and anticipated as we move into Q4 of this year!

Free Racing News

Thanks for reading our post on the Zed Run free races. If you are interested in getting started, then head over to this article to learn more about the basics of Zed. If you are already a member of the community, then go get to racing and get some of that free money laying around the track!