Zed Run Review – Should You Join The Race?

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Zed Run Review

Welcome back to the Tribe!

Today we are going to be diving further into the Zed Run eco-system with our official Zed Run Review! By the end of this article we will try to give you guys an accurate rating for the platform out of 10.

Along the way, we will go over some of our top Pros and Cons that we think you should know about.

Nothing should be considered investment or financial advice. Enjoy the ride!

Zed Run Review

Here is what we will be covering:

  • Basic overview of Zed Run
  • Main Pros of the platform
  • Main Cons of the platform
  • Our rating for Zed
  • Tips for what to do next

We will try to make this post as informative as possible for the newbies. With that in mind, lets jump right into it with the basic overview of Zed Run.

Basic Overview

Zed Run Image

What is Zed Run?

Zed Run is a virtual horse racing platform that utilizes the Matic Polygon network in conjunction with the Ethereum blockchain. The concept came to light in 2019, and by 2021 the platform had a successful BETA launch. Today the platform maintains an active and thriving user base.

Most recently, the platform has been scratching at over 100,000 users. In addition, they are celebrating a partnership with NASCAR, and gearing up to push the BETA platform close to the full production site.

If you want to learn more about the basics, check out our full overview of the platform in this article here.

Zed Run Pros

Now, we want everyone to understand that we have been in the Zed Run community for around 2 months at the point of writing this article. In that time, we have built a stable, begun racing, and started breeding in the last month. Although we still have much to learn. Most of the information we will relay in these Pros and Cons are from our personal experience and from private chats with some of the top names in the game at the moment.

Therefore, lets discuss some of the Pros of the platform.

Top Pros on Zed Run:

  • Several opportunities for passive income
  • Strong community
  • Awesome graphics and roadmap
  • Great development team
  • Tons of investor attention

Generate Passive Income

If you have ever listened to Gary Vee or any of those crazy millionaires that yell at you how to invest your money, you might have heard the word passive income. Zed Run is a huge opportunity for this in our opinion.

On the platform, users can breed and stud out horses monthly and rake in a pretty decent ROI. While breeding and studding have strong importance to grow the platform, it also greatly rewards the people doing so.

This is a strong appeal to investors and people looking to put their money into something sustainable. Over time, we could see a great influx of capital from people buying up these genesis money machine horses.

Positive Community

The second top thing about the Zed Run platform is the community behind it.

For most platforms, the community is usually quite secretive and aggressive to outsiders. The Zed Run community is completely the opposite. You can easily join the discord and jump into to a private chat with just about any of the top performs on the platform to ask questions.

This is a huge help for those looking for advice on purchasing horses, racing, or just ways to advance in the community! I strongly suggest anyone learning Zed Run to take advantage of this and use the resource of other people to get ahead!

Graphics and Roadmap

Zed Run Race

If you have never seen the platform, then you need to experience it yourself! Head over to Zed Run and check out a few horse races! Then go to some of the individual horses and play around with the solo graphics and ability to jump them and see all of their beautiful coat details as you examine their stats.

The platform has already shown huge promise in their current clean and classic design style. In time, they could innovate the racing industry.

One thing to also mention is their road map. While it might be more flexible and variable in the near future, long-term the platform is aiming to provide users with even more tools for success like renting out horses, and even being able to own your own track which I am sure would be amazing in a VR world.

Development Team

The company behind the platform is Virtually Human Studio (VHS).  Most recently, VHS received a 20 million dollar investment to continue development from a Series A funding round lead by TCG (The Chernin Group).

While most teams in the market are solely looking to make a quick buck, this team seems to really care about the eco-system and wants their users to be happy. Most recently, there was a huge push for more free races on the platform.

Very quickly the team turned around and pushed out a huge update to help with this. Not to mention all the other work they are constantly doing to launch the full site. The team behind development is very quick to respond to support tickets, fixing stuck races, and advancing their ideals of the platform. It feels great to see such a strong response from a development team to the users!

Zed Run Cons

Those are our top Pros, but now lets discuss some of the Cons of the platform that we see.

We will try to be as transparent as possible and accurately report some of the current and long-term issues we see with the platform.

Top Cons on Zed Run:

  • Difficult for newbies to begin
  • Long-term NFT values could effect platform
  • Bugs and issues
  • Current business model is too aggressive

Difficult For Newbies

As are most things in the crypto space, getting started in Zed Run can be quite complicated.

Along with learning all of the basics of the platform, there are several steps just to get your Ethereum converted and usable on the platform which might scare many new users away. In addition, racing can be viewed as gambling and it is very possible for new users to invest a couple hundred dollars and quickly lose all of that money racing a slow horse (donkey).

Therefore, there might be a good bit of backlash as the platform grows from people looking to “protect” uneducated investors.

A good way to fix this would be to section off new users in different races from the pros for the first couple of weeks. Zed should probably implement something like this to help retain new users long-term, but the idea of more free races already helps to retain these newer people.

Long-Term Horse Value

Long-term value

While most people view the genesis horses as being able to retain their value long-term, there is something else to consider.

Over time as the platform generates more and more users, there will ultimately become an excess of legendary, exclusive, and elite horses. With this, the value of breeding a legendary horse will in turn go down due to the excess on the marketplace and therefore, eventually decrease the value of breeding genesis horses. Now this might be a long time down the road, but having an unlimited amount of horses could eventually pose a problem for long-term sustainable value.

This is just something that should concern investors and those looking to build out sustainable stables for profit.

Constant Bugs

The other clear issue would be the bugs on the platform.

While the platform is currently in a BETA mode, there are a number of bugs that continually effect the racing. Most notably would be the stuck race bug.

When races get stuck, sometimes the visual 3d race is not shown and the race is concluded with results which is fine for most cases. The exceptions are when new users really want to see their horse run and don’t get to, or when influencers are showing races to a community and the race freezes before it begins. This can really “kill the vibe” of the entire experience.

For instance, our first race we went to watch actually got stuck and we did not get to see our horse run which we slightly disappointing.

Other bugs stem from the changes to the underlying stats of horses like stamina and flame. There have been many issues with these changes leading to horses not being able to race, not regenerating stamina, and many other odd things.

Obviously, these will need to be fixed in order to offer a pleasing and acceptable user experience over time.

Aggressive Business Model

The last Con in our book would have to be the current business model of the platform.

While there are many ways Zed Run can generate capital, constantly pulling it out of the eco-system this early on might not be the best approach. To note, Zed currently is taking money out by:

  • Retaining a portion of the stud fees for every horse that breeds ~ 44% – 60%
  • Keeping a portion of fees from horses sold on Opensea ~ 2.5%
  • Taking a portion of every race run ~ 10%-15%

Clearly these percentages are way too much to be taking out consistently long-term. Ideally, these percentages need to all be under 5% each for the platform to be viable in the future. Although, since they are taking so much out development should be able to fund itself just off the platform soon independently from additional series rounds in the future.

Should You Join Zed Run?

Join Zed Run

After all things considered we have decided to give this platform a 9/10. Why might you ask?

Well to put it this way, this platform has a very high ceiling. We look at this platform the same way that we looked at Bitcoin in the early days. If Zed Run continues to produce, there is a huge monstrous upside for investors. Getting in early might just be the best idea since investing in Bitcoin.

This means that we highly recommend people who are interested in the NFT space to dive into this platform, learn the ins and outs, and give it a chance. Granted that it is still in BETA, there are bound to be performance issues at this stage. For those reasons, the bugs and small issues should not deter anyone.

Most notably, the traction already behind it and the investor attention gives us plenty of confidence that this platform will go the distance.

There is a ton of opportunity for long-term profit from breeding, collecting, and racing on the platform. Overtime, it will become a staple in the crypto NFT community as a successful platform that is helping pave the way for other similar game changers.

Tips For How To Join

If you are looking for tips on how to purchase your first horse then check out this post here.

If you want to learn more about the platform then click here.

Want to develop a profitable stable strategy? Click here!

Zed Run Review Post

Thanks for reading our Zed Run Review! We hope this post helps you decide to join the Zed Run platform! See you on the track.



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