Zed Run Roadmap

Welcome back to the Tribe! In this post we are going to go over the recently announced Zed Run Roadmap, and look at a recent post they made on their community page promising a huge announcement coming in the middle of January 2022.

Nothing should be considered investment or financial advice. Enjoy the ride!

Zed Run Roadmap

If you are not already racing NFT horses on Zed Run then what are you doing in NFTs?

Joking, but seriously, you should be paying attention to this platform. This is one of the hottest NFT platforms in the space, and new flash – we’re still early! The platform is still currently in BETA, but there have been announcements to change that very very soon.

This roadmap that we are going to discuss was jam packed with all kinds of exciting plans set to happen in 2022. So much so that right after it dropped, the market lit up and horses were flying off the market on Opensea almost instantly.

The floor of almost every Breed type of horse instantly rose due to the roadmap, so there must be something in it that investors liked. Lets take a look at some of Zed’s plans to make 2022 the best year yet!

2022 Roadmap

Here are some of the things that have been proposed on the 2022 Zed Run road map! Some of these plans are set to take place in Q1, Q2, and some are just a general year goal!

Lets dive into them:

  • Native token that will get airdropped to all NFT horse holders (VHS is partnering with Republic Crypto to launch this)
  • Proposed $10 Million for tournament prizes in 2022 that will be distributed by tournament winnings
  • Race horse retirement! Users will be paid in the native tokens for retiring horses. In addition, the more a horse was raced then the more tokens you are supposed to get.
  • More racing and tournaments in general that will be separated per genetype, bloodtype, and breedtype! This will bring huge utility to currently unraced horses!
  • New elo system for all horses! Right now this is the largest problem on the platform, and currently is making a ton of stables keep their horses in the barn. Much needed  improvement for the platform.
  • Skins are on the way! In fact, a UI/UX view has already been snuck out for testing on the BETA platform that a few people got a glimpse of.
  • Full platform launch moving out of the Beta platform. This will bring with it a new UI for the new platform. (first looks already seem pretty sweet)

We’re not going to lie, the road map seems almost TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. Although, the best indication that these things will actually happen are the leaked and purposely placed sneak peaks that pop up around the platform.

Out of all of this hype and glory, what is the best news though?

Native Token Drop

ZedRun Roadmap

One of the most important things to take a deep dive on is the Native token that Zed Run is looking to create.

Creating a token is not as easy as it sounds. Therefore, the team has reached out to a reputable company, Republic Crypto to help with this. Republic has successfully launched plenty of tokens, and helped a surprising amount of projects on the market get through their initial launch phase.

Even so, there are a bunch of things that the team needs to consider before launching a token like:

  • Basic token economics (market cap, supply, distribution)
  • Token volume from other exchanges (getting volume from reputable exchanges is key for long-term growth and utility)
  • Maintaining token value for holders
  • Who gets air dropped tokens and why
  • Are Genesis horses more valued for air drop and by how much
  • and so much more

Launching a token is like managing a small economy at scale. Mix that with the general crypto market pump and dumps, and you get quite the puzzle.

Regardless, we have confidence in the team and the partners that they have currently can get the job done this year!

While all of this is extremely exciting, this is only the beginning.

What Are We MOST Excited For?

Out of all this hype news, we are actually most excited for the utility aspect to further the use of horses.

Currently, C1 horses can not be raced for profit and tournaments are basically pointless since you get stuck with all the best horses racing against each other in the quarters and semis.

Currently, there is no point in having a $100k horse if it can’t win $1000 in a tournament!

Although, this has flip flopped month after month with the meta changes on the platform. It seems the team has struggled to get this just right where all horses have a place on the platform,

Therefore, we are most excited for the new elo system. Lately, we have completely stopped racing until this comes out. We heard it MIGHT come out as soon as early February. That really is not that long to wait, so we’ll see yall on the track in February. Until then, it really is too much work to either:

  1. Get a race in your distance class
  2. Get a race without 5 monsters in it
  3. Or simply have the time to wait to get those races (like 2-4 hours for a full stable)

Besides this though, we are still extremely excited for this platform and here to stay.

The second thing we are most excited for is the token air drop.

If the team decides to airdrop tokens based on even 10%-20% of horse valuations, then that is quite a lot of money suddenly being given into the largest stables to use and race with! We are quite excited to hear how the team plans to distribute the tokens more, and if it will have as big of an impact as we think.

Upcoming Announcement

With the roadmap out and about, you would think all of the important news has hit the air. Well, you would be wrong.

Most recently on January 8th, the team dropped another post on their community page.

The team had this to say on the announcement:

Early next week, a game-changing announcement that our team has been waiting to share and release to the wider world is set to go live and shift us into the next phase of entertainment.

While yes, this is news of news – it is still exciting. Every time the team has done this they have come back strong with huge news like:

  • 20M series A funding round
  • Partnership with NASCAR
  • Partnership with Netflix
  • Hundreds of thousands in prizes for tournament winnings

Clearly, this team does not play games. We think that they have finally landed a serious partnership with a huge brand, but well leave the speculation to the comments and Twitter feeds.

Zed Run Roadmap Post

Thanks for reading this post on the Zed Run Roadmap! We are super excited to continue to run NFT horses on the platform and can’t wait for all the exciting things in the roadmap to come to be!

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